‘Who let the dogs out???’

‘Who let the dogs out???’

In a statement released from the Pinehurst Police Department under the heading of “Who let the dogs out???” police chief Fred Hanauer claims to know the answer – but he isn’t saying.

According to information from the Pinehurst PD, sometime before midnight on July 11, Officer Leonard Roff of the Pinehurst Police Department received a report that someone had turned themselves in to the Orange Police Department claiming to have released all the dogs at the Pinehurst Animal Shelter.

“Roff discovered that the claim was true and that several dogs were running loose near the shelter,” Hanauer stated, adding, “that there was no damage done to the facility and that the suspect received minor injuries as a result of scaling a fence to gain entry. Public Works Director Lee Seelye responded to the scene and was able to round up most of the ‘meandering mutts,’ which numbered 10, but reported (July 12) that two of the previously imprisoned pooches were still at large.”

Hanauer stated that charges of criminal mischief and criminal trespass are pending against the suspect, “whose name will not be released at this time.”

Reports of animals at large within the city of Pinehurst may be made at (409) 886-0803. None of the animals still at large are thought to be of a vicious or aggressive nature, Hanauer said. However, it is not advised for residents to try to capture the dogs themselves.