‘Women making noise’

‘Women making noise’

When Georgine Guillory created the nonprofit group she dubbed Pioneering Women in 2004, she developed a novel idea to tap into one of the region’s most valuable resources – philanthropic Southeast Texas women. And she did this not by utilizing their services, but by honoring the ladies with the fanfare she feels they rightly deserve for taking on oftentimes thankless jobs.

Each year, a committee selects a handful of women to receive the honor. The list of Pioneering Women for the year is announced in March, Women’s History Month. This year’s inductees include Ella Flores, Linda Spears, Barbara Phillips, Marty Craig, June Brailsford, Betty Greenberg, Rebecca Ford and Marcia Stevens.

“These ladies were selected because of the outstanding things they were doing in the community,” Guillory said. “They are advocates, volunteers and do-gooders, and many of them have been doing these works long-term.

“Normally, we have a list of about 15 candidates each year and we narrow that down to the most go-getters.”

And that’s a perfect word for the eight women being honored for 2012. Among some of the credits to the group are work attributed to thriving neighborhood associations, family violence prevention advocacy, breast cancer prevention crusades, and thousands of hours and thousands of dollars donated to civic services all over the Golden Triangle.

Each of the honorees will be highlighted and honored at the Pioneering Women 2012 “Women Making Noise!” event, which will be held Thursday, Aug. 9, at the Holiday Inn Plaza in Beaumont starting at 11 a.m. The luncheon will also double as a 19th Amendment celebration, remembering the ratification of the amendment as a turning point in history after women were at long last given the right to vote.

Tickets to the event and sponsorship opportunities are currently available from Guillory by calling (409) 842-1577 or (409) 838-6655. Proceeds garnered from the event benefit Women in Crisis, paying for GED fees and textbooks for students of higher learning.

“The community should come for many reasons – one being that 100 percent of our proceeds go to assist these worthy causes,” Guillory said, “and another just as worthy reason is to acknowledge, appreciate and uplift the women being honored. We should show these women how much we are thankful for the things they do in our community.”