17-year-old illegal immigrant charged with murder

17-year-old illegal immigrant charged with murder

An illegal Guatemalan immigrant is in custody on charges of murder in the slaying of a Beaumont man.

Police arrested 17-year-old Moises Antonio Morales Ramos on Tuesday, July 9, for the murder of Eleazar Lopez, who was found dead Sunday, July 7, in a ditch near the 6600 block of Westwood Street just off College Street in Beaumont.

Ramos said little to reporters Tuesday as he was led to jail from the Beaumont Police Department downtown station, but BPD spokesman Joe Ornelas said officers have found their man with the help of Beaumont’s Latino community.

“The Hispanic community tends to put pressure on the individuals,” Ornelas said. “If they know something, they’re going to pressure that individual to turn themselves in.”

Ornelas went on to thank concerned neighbors who, in this case, made the anonymous calls to police that led them to Ramos, who police said later confessed to the murder.

“There were a lot of anonymous tips from the trailer park,” he said. “People just didn’t want to get involved, so they gave us the tips and eventually (put) pressure on the gentleman to come in and confess.”

What’s more, residents of the local trailer park where Lopez and Ramos lived eventually found the murder weapon, which had gone missing in the days after Lopez was shot in the back.

“He hid the gun, and the residents in the trailer park located that gun and called police,” Ornelas said.

The murdered Lopez was a family man who leaves behind sons and daughters.

“He’s leaving behind a family with children,” Ornelas said.



" It's Not Where You Live, It's How You Live ".

There Are Some Good Decent People Living In That Trailer Park. They Are Just There Trying To Have A Place To Live & Raise Their Families. But You Also Have Troublemakers Just Like Anywhere Else.

New Little Vidor, Texas At College St. Trailer Park

I Think The Police & U.S. Immigration Service Needs To Open A Sub-Station In That Trailer Park. Hey, Think Of All The Money They Would Save On Gas. The Only People That Live There Are Illegals & Meth Heads. It's Like A Little Vidor, Texas.

Never ending ignorance

This has absolutely nothing to do with Vidor. Hopefully the next illegal alien murdered will take you out, so we can get past the ignorance and stereotypes that are completely false. Just admit Beaumont has problems and clean them up before trying to blame it on someone else.

Your worse wanting someone

Your worse wanting someone murdered for their stupid opinion.

17 year old Charged With Murder

He Confessed To The Murder, But They Never Said Why ? What Reason Did He Have To Shoot A Man Is The Back ? This Man's Wife & Children Deserve Answers. One Man Is Dead, His Wife, Children & Family Will Spend The Rest Of Their Lives Without Him. The 17 Year Old Coward Will Spend The Rest Of His Life In Prison, But His Family can Visit Him. The Lopez Family Have To Visit A Grave. .

STOP IT!!! Illegals are NOT

STOP IT!!! Illegals are NOT immigrants, they are criminal invaders. Immigrants follow the rules.

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