18-year-old guilty of indecency with a 5-year-old

Jakari Stoner

An 18-year-old Beaumont man was in jail Monday, May 13, after pleading guilty to indecency with a child.

Jakari Stoner pleaded guilty to molesting a family member in Judge John Stevens' court, saying little as his sentence was read aloud.

“This is about the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen in 34 years of practice,” Stevens said Monday.

Stoner was indicted in October 2012 for the June 2012 molestation of a 5-year-old girl and was sentenced to 10 years probation, a $500 fine and 180 days in jail.

Stoner must also register as a sex offender.

Stevens said Stoner is lucky the victim’s family members did not force a trial by jury.

“Only because the family wants to move on with their lives despite your pathetic actions are we going forward with this,” Stevens said.

In a written statement, the girl, now 7 years old, said, “I don’t feel like I’m normal after this. I wanna feel like a normal kid again.”

Stevens said he would prescribe the maximum sentence he could under the plea agreement.

“This punishment just doesn’t seem fair,” Stevens said. “But it is what it is in light of what the family understands and they certainly — the family of this child — showed a lot more mercy on you than you showed to that child.”



First of all, God said don't

First of all, God said don't judge and from what I'm seeing from these comments, that's exactly what "you" people are doing. You don't know what's going on. Your just judging it by its title. That little girl has been brain washed with the little lies of her family and she has been abuse before this young man ever came into their welcoming. She was abuse by her own cousin who didn't want to get in trouble with his family so the family blamed it on the going man who showed their 3 young kids love and who stole from his own family to go out of the way for that little girl. I should know because I never liked the family and I feel they should burn in hell for what they did and I hope that the little girls parents expecially the mother should be the last one to say something because you have a homeless guy sleeping in your garage and who is around your kids 24/7. So world, this is not your fight and what if this was your child being falsely accused for some bs.

we with kids

Those of us with children (and ill speak for some), say burn in hell and I hopethe 180 is spent with a big cellie, who has kids and a violent temperament. Hopefully, you shall reap the wrath of shame that you imposed on this child and may you never walk the same way again.

"we with kids" ..really.? Get

"we with kids" ..really.? Get out here with that, if you didn't know, Jakari was falsely accused for something that was done by the victims own cousin but was covered up and falsely blamed on by this young man who would pick this victim and their family over his own so I advise you to get your facts right before you wish such a thing on my family. Besides of what you and others may think(ill speak for some) this young man has alot going for himself and he will get there, even if I have to fight you and the law for him to make it. And I have what it takes because I'm a good a** lawyer.

18 year old pleads guilty of Molesting a 5 year old child

He must register as a Sex Offender then serve 180 days in Jail & a 10 year Probation Term. But the child has to spend the rest of her life with this memory. I don't care if he is 18 or 81, if someone Commit a Sexual Assault of a Child they should spend the rest of their life in Prison without the possibility of Parole. "Life in Prison or Chop It Off & Feed It To The Gators ". Hey, Gators Will Eat Anything !!!!!

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