252nd Criminal District Court clears up docket

252nd Criminal District Court clears up docket

BEAUMONT, Texas – In less than one week’s time, the Judge Lindsey Scott of the 252nd District Court has moved over 100 cases, announced Jefferson County District Attorney Cory Crenshaw today.

Judge Lindsey Scott, along with the cooperation of the Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office and the Defense Bar scheduled a week long docket in an attempt to address the Court’s extensive backlog of cases.    Upon completion of the dockets, over 50 cases were plead and an additional 50 cases were moved off the trial docket for resolution in the next few weeks helping reduce the size of the Court’s docket.

Judge Lindsey Scott said, “I would like to thank my court staff, the prosecutors and District Attorney’s office, as well as the defense bar for working with me this week to help move some of the these cases that were contributing to the backlog of our trial docket. It was certainly a combined team effort and everyone showed up and worked really hard all week. We still have a lot of work to do but this was a great start. I would also like to thank the Sheriff’s department for transporting so many inmates to and from our Court this week as well as Judge Gist and Judge Stevens who have readily made themselves available to take pleas on cases I am conflicted from hearing. I am humbled at the combined efforts of DA’s office, defense bar, Sheriff’s department and my fellow Judges who have all worked together to help resolve the backlog of cases in my Court.”

District Attorney Cory Crenshaw said, “This was a good first step in addressing the 252nd’s backlog of cases. Justice delayed is justice denied whether you are the citizen accused or a victim of a crime.”