Airplane burglary suspect in custody

Airplane burglary suspect in custody

Police in Conroe arrested a man suspected in several airplane burglaries, including thefts from multiple aircraft at the Southeast Texas Regional Airport, reports the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office (JCSO).

According to a news release from JCSO, an airplane sitting on the tarmac at the Southeast Texas Regional Airport was broken into on Saturday, March 11.  The suspect then broke into a hangar and burglarized several planes and a vehicle inside the hangar. Evidence discovered at the scene assisted in locating the suspect, JCSO stated in the news release. 

Investigators Deputy Mark Holmes and Deputy Danny Powell further discovered that The Beaumont Municipal Airport, two airports in Chambers County, two airports in Harris County, an Airport in Conroe, as well as an avionics business in Conroe, had also been victims of similar thefts during the same time period. 

The suspect was arrested in Conroe in possession of stolen property from the burglaries, reports JCSO. Sheriff's investigators from Jefferson County worked with the Conroe Police Department investigators and interviewed the suspect, who they indicated gave a full confession to the crimes. 

The loss at the Southeast Texas Regional Airport reached in excess of $225,000. All property has been recovered and will be returned to the rightful owners. The total loss to all airports and the avionics business was in excess of $1.2 million. 

The suspect remained in the Montgomery County Jail on felony theft charges at the time of the release. His name has not yet been released by investigators due to the ongoing investigation.