Alabama Police searching for kidnap victim last seen in East Texas, West Louisiana

Alabama Police searching for kidnap victim last seen in East Texas, West Louisiana

Police say Dothan, Ala. kidnapping suspects are believed to be in East Texas or West Louisiana. According to the statement, an employee with the Department of Human Resources reported the kidnapping of 15-year-old Ailene Lander from a medical center Sept. 17 at around 1 p.m. Ailene Mariz Lander, a white female, born May 20, 1997, was last seen wearing a white shirt, and white and pink shorts. Police believe her natural brown hair color might have been dyed blonde to alter her appearance.  She is 5-feet-5 and around 140 pounds. Police have not specified why Lander was being taken to the medical center, but indicated the young victim may be in medical danger.

Police suspect the girl’s stepfather, 36-year-old Charles Partin, aka Dean. The human resource worker who first reported the abduction said Partin approached them in the parking lot of the medical center and took Lander to a van before exiting the parking lot. Partin was last seen wearing a baseball cap, dark colored shirt and dark jeans. He is a former truck driver with carpentry skills, according to police. 

Police believe the victim’s mother, Julie Bethke, may be traveling with them along with five other juveniles. Warrants for the arrests of Partin and Bethke have been issued as a result of the kidnapping.

The suspects are believed to be in East Texas/West Louisiana and are likely in a van. They were first seen in a blue 1994 Mercury Villager and may now be in a blue, green, or blue/green Toyota minivan. The suspects might be seeking food or shelter at charitable organizations.

Call (800) CALL FBI, option 1, if you have any information. A reward is being offered.



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