Allegedly intoxicated woman accused of blackmail in Orange, report police

Allegedly intoxicated woman accused of blackmail in Orange, report police

A woman police believe was intoxicated allegedly attempted to blackmail a convenience store owner in Orange in order to acquire a cell phone on Sept. 25, according to a repot from the Orange Police Department.

Officer Stephen Ward reports that at about 11:42 a.m., he was dispatched to the store in the 1400 block of 16th Street in Orange in reference to a disturbance. Upon his arrival, the store owner reported he had asked a woman inside the store to leave multiple times, and she refused. Officer Ward spoke to the woman who identified herself as 24-year-old Kristi Melancon of Orange.

According to Ward, Melancon told him she heard the store was selling “fake bake,” a common pseudonym for synthetic marijuana. So, rather than report the store, she decided to use the information to barter with the store, threatening to expose them if they would not provide her with a cell phone, police report. When asked why she did not contact OPD, she replied that it was because she did not have a cell phone – a problem she was presumably attempting to alleviate.

Melancon was reportedly “speaking very quickly and not making much sense.” Ward observed her speech was also slurred. The officer asked Melancon if she was under the influence of drugs and, according to his report, she told him she had taken clonazepam, a sedative-hypnotic also known by its trade name Klonopin, earlier in the day.

Melancon was arrested for public intoxicated and taken to the Orange County Jail.