Altercation involving machete in Orange County

Altercation involving machete in Orange County

Orange County Sheriff's deputies responded to an altercation between two men involving a machete on May 1 at about 4 p.m., OCSO reports.

According to a news release from OCSO, a Sheriff’s deputy was dispatched to the 10500 block of North Hwy 87 on May 1 in the north Orange area of Orange County in reference to an altercation between two men. When the deputy arrived, he found the two men at the scene had been involved in a fight over the chopping down of a tree. The deputy learned that one man got angry at his brother’s neighbor when he believed the neighbor had cut down a tree on his brother’s property. The angered man chased the neighbor with a piece of wire from a fence, but the other man grabbed a broken machete and began pursuing him. Both men had minor lacerations and bruises to their hands after a brief struggle over the machete. Neither of the men had any life-threatening injuries nor wanted to pursue charges. Due to the property line dispute, it could not be determined at the time who actually owned the tree, according to OCSO.



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