Amphetamine possession in Orange

Dennis Ross Pierce (left) and Holly Rachel Williams

Two separate incidents in Orange resulted in two arrests for amphetamine possession, one involving illegal prescription pills and the other involving cocaine and crystal meth.

On April 10, officers arrested 25-year-old Holly Rachel Williams of Orange after allegedly finding her slumped over the wheel of a black 2007 Ford pickup truck parked in front of 2005 10th Street in Orange at about 7:50 a.m., according to a report from the Orange Police Department. OPD Officer Howard Devault reported that he approached the woman behind the wheel of the vehicle, who identified herself as Williams. The officer confirmed Williams had a county court at law warrant for her arrest. After officers arrested Williams and transported her to the jail, Officer Devault asked Williams if she had anything illegal on her person, to which she reportedly responded, “yes.” She then retrieved two plastic containers from her person and handed them over. According to the report, one of the containers held a plastic bag with a white powder substance believed by officers to be cocaine and the other held a plastic bag containing a crystal substance believed by officers to be methamphetamine. She was charged with an affidavit for possession of a controlled substance.

On April 11, officers arrested 58-year-old Orange resident Dennis Ross Pierce after a traffic stop reportedly led them to find Hydrocodone pills and a crack pipe during a search at the scene. According to the report by OPD Officer Stephen Ward, he observed a blue four door Saturn with a non-operational brake light traveling northbound on 16th Street. The officer asked the man, identified as Pierce, to exit the vehicle and observed he was “extremely nervous and visibly shaking.” When asked if he had anything illegal, Pierce allegedly told police he had drug paraphernalia in his vehicle. After searching his truck, officers reportedly discovered a clear glass cylinder with “gold Brillo and a burnt end,” indicating to police it was used as a crack pipe. Upon patting down the suspect, officers discovered three pills in a container identified by Pierce as Hydrocodone. Pierce was arrested for possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia and transported to the Orange County Jail. Police report Pierce cooperated with police and provided a statement, reportedly waiving his Miranda rights.