Amputee on bicycle hit by motorist

 Amputee on bicycle hit by motorist

A Beaumont man was hospitalized after police say he was hit while riding his bike in Beaumont’s North End. 

Police said Clifton Dejeau, 45 — whose right leg was amputated below the knee — was riding his bike on the sidewalk near the intersection of Magnolia and Wiess about 3 p.m. Monday, May 28, when he failed to yield the right of way to oncoming vehicles on Magnolia. 

“He jumped out in front of traffic,” said BPD officer Jeff Safar. 

Witnesses told police Dejeau narrowly avoided at least one car before he was hit by a another vehicle that was able to brake to avoid killing the 45-year-old.

“He dodged one car, witnesses said, and ran into the truck trying to get across,” Safar said.  

Dejeau was later hospitalized at Christus Hospital – St. Elizabeth  with minor injuries and will likely receive a citation for failure to yield the right of way, according to police.

No other injuries were reported. 



this story

FIRST, the word BICYCLE is misspelled. SECOND, the story is full of holes. THIRD, the amputee is hospitalized. Yet, he is described as KILLED in the third paragraph. Jeez. Get it together.

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