Armed motorist puts a halt to flight from justice

Diego Gomez of Monroe, North Carolina

Sunday, Nov. 26, 2017, at approximately 09:15 am, the Vidor Police Dispatch Center received notification that the Louisiana State Patrol was in pursuit of a black Acura bearing North Carolina license plates at speeds in excess of 100 mph westbound on Interstate 10, according to a VPD press release.

As the pursuit neared the Vidor city limits, additional information was received that the driver of the Acura was attempting to run vehicles off the road. The Vidor Police Department continued to monitor the pursuit and VPD officers set up “Stop Sticks," causing the front driver’s side tire to deflate. The vehicle came to a stop on the 855B Off Ramp. The driver exited his vehicle and attempted to steal a second vehicle from a motorist, but that driver was armed and held the suspect at gunpoint as officers arrived.

At this time officers from the Vidor Police Department and Texas Department of Public Safety deployed Tazers. The suspect ripped the first set of prongs out and was attempting to fight officers, but the suspect was finally subdued and placed into cuffs. While sitting on the ground awaiting EMS to check suspect, the suspect got on his feet and took off running and was captured a second time. The suspect is identified Diego Gomez, 22, of Monroe, North Carolina. He’s charged with evading arrest/detention in a motor vehicle and aggravated kidnapping

Gomez was at the Orange County Correctional Facility awaiting a bond hearing. Louisiana is in the process of getting charges filed on Gomez for fleeing and traffic violations.