Arrests lead to towed car, strip search

Arrests lead to towed car, strip search

A call about an attempted theft at the Vidor Wal-Mart resulted in two arrests, a towed car and a strip search last week.

Officers from the Vidor Police Department responded to a call on Monday, Sept. 16, about two subjects attempting theft. Police spotted a woman matching the suspect’s description enter the passenger side of a vehicle. 

Christopher Dale Newton, 39, and Keashia Ann Simmons, 31, were both arrested for outstanding warrants, as well as new alleged crimes. Newton was also charged with fraud for placing barcode stickers for craft felt on much more expensive items, according to the arrest report. The craft felt costs little more than a quarter a piece.

Newton “purchased” a plunger, pet food bowls, an A/C freon charger, an electrical repair kit and a faucet connector. The total cost of the items was $91.49; however, Newton only paid $2.76 for the items before exiting the store.

These items were all discovered after the couple was pulled over at the Vidor Junior High football stadium. Due to the fact that Newton, the driver, was unable to produce proof of insurance, nor did he have a licensed driver inside of the vehicle, the vehicle was inventoried and towed according to city ordinance.

Newton, Simmons and third person who wasn’t arrested were issued criminal trespass warnings and advised they were no longer allowed to return to Wal-Mart, according to the report. Each of the subjects signed the warnings in acknowledgement. The items that Newton was in possession with were returned to Wal-Mart.

After being booked into the Orange County Jail, Simmons was informed she would be receiving a strip search. That search yielded a plastic bag with approximately half a gram of a crystal-like substance suspected to be meth.

The substance was field tested, weighed, photographed and packaged for submittal to the lab. A probable cause affidavit charging Simmons with possession of a controlled substance.