The Art of Beer at AMSET

The Art of Beer at AMSET

The Art of Beer at The Art Museum of Southeast Texas attracted about 450 patrons Thursday, Oct. 4.

“Even though the crowd was a little smaller than last year, I was flooded with emails saying how pleased people were with the event,” said Lynn Castle, executive director of AMSET. 

Castle said there were no major disorderly incidents, and patrons were responsible with their drinking.

“It was really interesting how people wouldn’t ask for full cups, but just a taste. It wasn’t a drink-a-thon, which made me happy,” she said.

Beer lovers enjoyed a wide variety of craft beers ranging from Dogfish Head’s India Pale Ale to Rahr & Sons’ Buffalo Butt Red Ale. Buna-based brewer Texas Big Beer gave beer lovers a special chance to taste Renaissance Cowboy two days before the brew master introduced the beer at the Texas Renaissance Festival. Bevil Oaks-based brewer Corey Nelson from Cornell Brewing was also present and suggested his Smokin’ Hot Blonde, aged on charred poblano peppers, to connoisseurs seeking something with a little kick.

Tracy Byrd performed for the beer lovers in attendance, playing all the favorites that catapulted his career from Southeast Texas roots to Nashville stardom.