Artist Sally Chandler works with Odom Academy children on AMSET mural

Eighth graders from Odom Academy paint mural on AMSET wall

Pecos artist Sally Chandler guided eighth graders from the Odom Academy of Beaumont as they painted a 13-foot-long, 6-foot high mural on the wall of the Art Museum of Southeast Texas (AMSET) Tuesday, April 16.

“They’re doing such a good job,” Chandler said. “Yesterday, we spent most of the day talking about ‘The Lost World’ (Chandler’s exhibit). There are 18 (children) and they each have their own space and each have their own stories.”

On a wall opposite the mural, the children built a frame with space allotted for future drawings from art lovers.

“People can put drawings up based on my work and David Everett’s,” Chandler said.

Everett’s “The Ties That Bind” will be on display from April 20 through June 30, the same time as Chandler’s “The Lost World.”

Everett was born in Beaumont in 1950 and, according to his website, “was drawn to the forests, swamps, bayous, bays and marsh covered plains that lead this part of the state down to its coastline on the Gulf of Mexico.” “It was from this vantage point that he began a life-long process of restating his observations into a visual art that explores an allegorical interplay of both human and animal forms celebrating the natural history of a personal world.”

According to AMSET’s website, Everett’s work “depicts the familiar creatures that inhabit the Texas landscape in sculpture, drawing, and woodcuts using rich hues in his drawings and sculpture, Everett’s animals exhibit a lively personality and emphasize a playfulness and quirkiness.”

An opening reception for both exhibitions will be held from 6 to 8 p.m. on Friday, April 19 at AMSET, where Sally Chandler and David Everett will both discuss their works.

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