Assistant superintendent Patricia Lambert let go?

Patricia Lambert


An attorney representing BISD's Patricia Lambert has denied reports that Lambert was fired. The Examiner is still investigating the case and will post updates as they become available.  


 Phones rang today at The Examiner with callers giving different versions of how it happened, but with one consistent message: Former Central High principal and current BISD Assistant Superintendent Patricia Adams-Collins-Lambert is out.

Reports to The Examiner from a variety of sources ranged from being "fired" to "she won't be back next year." Calls to trustees Tom Neild and Mike Neil provided no insight; Mike Neil said he had heard nothing but expected an email from Beaumont Independent School District Superintendent Dr. Timothy Chargois if it did happen.

Examiner reporter Jennifer Johnson went to the BISD administration building and Central High in an attempt to speak to Lambert or Chargois around 3 p.m., but neither were located.

On Johnson's way to Lambert’s house, a slight change of lanes at the corner of Major Drive and Hwy. 105 resulted in a chance meeting with Lambert when Johnson and her bumper had a very up-close-and-personal encounter with Lambert and the emblem identifying the school administrator’s 2011 Lincoln. This minor collision resulted in no need for Johnson to proceed on to the Lambert household.  After Johnson and Lambert took care of the obligatory exchanges of insurance information, Johnson asked Lambert about her current employment status at which Lambert said: "I just want to get home." No further comment from Lambert was forthcoming.

Any official statement from BISD administration will have to wait; the staff is not available as they are in the middle of a two-week closure.

Lambert has been the subject of several reports in The Examiner over the past weeks - from allegations of cheating on standardized tests to the revelation of phony credentials to the misuse of public funds to the most recent allegation of overcharging for high school senior packages, which resulted in profits to her family member’s business and unaccounted-for funds.