Baby Faith's parents arrested

Baby Faith Mason

Police in Port Arthur have arrested the parents of Baby Faith, a 10-week-old child who was severely injured and is still in critical condition at Texas Children's Hospital.

In a press release issued by PAPD spokesman Raymond Clark, police confirmed the two suspects in the case are Faith Mason's parents, Christine Johnson and Darrell Mason.

Both were arrested Friday, Sept. 27, in Port Arthur on charges of injury to a child and were booked in the Jefferson County Jail. Both are set to be indicted by a grand jury some time in the coming weeks, according to a prosecutor familiar with the case.

Johnson's bond was set at $250,000, and Mason's bond is set at $200,000.

Officials with Child Protective Services said Baby Faith is still in a full-body cast and some 19 fractures throughout the small child's body are still healing.

Faith also suffered severe head and brain trauma, causing doctors to wonder if the child will lead a normal life.

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