Baby red river hog debuts at Houston Zoo

Photo by Stephanie Adams/Houston Zoo

A newborn red river hog has made his debut at the Houston Zoo. The tiny hoglet was born April 9 to first-time mother Vidalia. The red river hogs at the Houston Zoo share a habitat with two troops of western lowland gorillas in the Gorillas of the African Forest, which opened in 2015. Though gorillas and red river hogs share the same forest lands in Africa, this is truly a unique experience as you won’t see them together in a shared habitat in any other zoo.

The yet-to-be-named hoglet can be seen frolicking in the dry riverbed of the habitat along with his mother, the other two adult hogs, Neptune and Luna, and nearly one-year-old females Artemis and Ophelia.

The Houston Zoo is protecting red river hogs in the wild by providing funding for wildlife saving education programs in the area the hogs live in Africa.  The education programs guide local people to protecting red river hogs and other local animals in the wild.

— Houston Zoo