Back to school and tax-free shopping safety tips from BPD

Back to school and tax-free shopping safety tips from BPD

The 2016-2017 school year is around the corner, and Southeast Texas residents will be out getting students prepared. The upcoming Texas tax-free weekend from August 5-7 is popular for shopping and profitable for local businesses, but, it is also a lucrative time for criminals as shoppers are often preoccupied with children, shopping lists, foot and vehicle traffic, warns Officer Carol Riley of the Beaumont Police Department. Students are excited and may not be aware of their surroundings, but BPD had some tips shoppers and company can utilize to make their shopping experiences safer. 

1. Have a plan before you head out to shop;

2. Be vigilant, don’t be an easy target. The Southeast Texas Auto Theft Task Force and businesses have signs throughout their parking lots with ways to protect your valuables: lock your vehicle, take your keys with you and hide your belongings;

3. Park in well-lit areas and travel in numbers;

4. Keep an eye on young children, especially in the parking lots;

5. Have your keys in your hand when you go to your vehicle, and try to limit the numbers of items you have in your hands.