Backlash prompts new BISD program offering

Backlash prompts new BISD program offering

Beaumont Independent School District officials announced the opening of a new Adult Cosmetology class next month dependent upon enrollment participation. The announcement followed two days of community outcry after Thomas Amons, Taylor Career and Technology Center principal, closed the district’s long-standing night-class program this week.

BISD press releases have stated the original program was closed after the second day of class due to lack of funding, but the program’s instructor told The Examiner that the real reason the program closed is because the principal “thought” a prospective student might be gay.

The Examiner has requested information from BISD as to how much financial support was required from the district to administer the original program, but according to district spokesperson Ron Reynolds, that information is not yet available.


The Examiner’s original story, “Sexuality the deciding factor in program’s closure,” is available online at