Beaumont Animal Services seizes dog left in hot car

Beaumont Animal Services seizes dog left in hot car

On June 25, Beaumont Animal Services officers received a complaint concerning a young Lab puppy that had been left in a hot car in front of Parkdale Mall.

Upon arrival, officers Ben Bundrick and Alan Ponce discovered the puppy locked in a Honda Civic with the windows cracked. The officers took temperature readings with an infrared temperature reader and found the car to be a blistering 130.5 degrees, with an outside air temperature of 96. The dog was removed from the car and taken to the shelter.

Later that day the owner, who lives in Houston, came to reclaim her dog, stating she was returning clothes and didn’t think it was too hot for the dog. She was issued a citation and now must appear in court.

Animal Services would like to remind everyone that the car is not a place to leave an animal, especially in the hot weather. Temperatures can reach fatal levels in only minutes, and heat advisories are going out every day. The public should be aware that there is a “no-tolerance” policy for animals that are left in cars. Owners will receive citations, have their animals removed and risk facing criminal charges in court.