Beaumont Children’s Museum teaches kids physics

Beaumont Children’s Museum teaches kids physics

Children crowd around Freddie Harland, programs specialist at the Beaumont Children’s Museum, asking him to help them build boats out of tin foil and launch Lego rocket cars on their engineers’ day, “Beyond the Brick” on Feb. 25.

115 people came just for this special event, according to admissions staff. 

Harland designed most of the activities, hoping to teach science while having fun. He carefully placed Alka Seltzer tabs in water held inside a plastic film canister, then loaded it onto a lego car against a brick wall to teach kids about rocket propulsion. 

“Hey, yours didn’t fall apart,” he told one boy after a launch. “Some of the others did.”

Other children built complex Lego creations inside. 

“We’ve ... had people try to build Lego bridges between two tables and see how much weight it can hold before it crashes,” Harland said. “Some people build legs for the bridge from the ground up.” 

The Beaumont Children’s Museum is now located inside the Beaumont Civic Center, although it used to be housed in a mobile trailer. 

Harland said part of the museum’s five year plan is to further expand and eventually move out into their own building. 

Ellen Wiemers, educational coordinator, helps the other staff like Harland put together these special events, along with Sheila Busceme, exhibit coordinator. 

“All of our events have been successful,” Busceme said. “Our first Lego day right around Christmas [2016], we had almost 600 that came through that day.”

“I think that’s why we had such a wonderful turnout,” she said, explaining that the event was held between Christmas and New Year’s when most kids are on winter break.

Beaumont Children’s Museum’s next special event is “Notable Women in History” on March 25 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., featuring paper airplane races for Amelia Earhart and chemistry for Marie Curie, among others. 

The museum also offers story time every Wednesday at 10:30 a.m. Story time includes three stories along with songs and games and a hands-on activity, according to the museum’s Facebook page.

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All of these activities are offered for free with the price of regular admission, which is $5. Children under one are free. Beaumont Children’s Museum hours are Tuesday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.