Beaumont City Council welcomes new member as all take oath of office

Beaumont City Council members Mike Getz – Ward 2, Virginia Jordan – Ward 1, Gethrel “Get” Williams-Wright – At-large, Mayor Becky Ames, Robin Mouton – Ward 4, W.L. Pate – At-large and Audwin Samuel – Ward 3

Returning Beaumont City Council members welcomed a new member to the council during a swearing-in ceremony at City Hall on May 16 during which each took the oath of office, assuming responsibility for their constituencies and promising to faithfully serve the municipality in which they live.

Virginia Jordan defeated incumbent Claude Guidroz for the Ward 1 seat on council during the May election. She was the first council member to be sworn in by Judge Craig Lively during the ceremony, surrounded by family and friends who supported her during her campaign.

During council comments following the ceremony, Jordan, eyes gleaming with emotion, thanked her advocates and vowed to do her best for her ward and her city.

“I can’t do anything but thank the wonderful people who put me here,” Jordan remarked. “I owe you a lot, and I will make you proud. I promise.”

Mayor Becky Ames stood at the podium as her husband, Rodney, held the Bible while she took her oath. Ames has served on council for 23 years and as mayor for the last 10 years.

“I would like to thank everyone who voted for me,” Ames said during comments. “And if you didn’t, I hope to change your mind over this next two years.

“It’s not always easy. Sometimes we have very difficult votes, they’re very controversial, but I think the time is always right to do what is right, and I try to do what’s right always.”

Beaumont City Council members are Virginia Jordan – Ward 1, Mike Getz – Ward 2, Audwin Samuel – Ward 3, Robin Mouton – Ward 4, Gethrel “Get” Williams-Wright – At-large and W.L. Pate – At-large. The council members and mayor serve two-year terms between elections.