Beaumont Fire-Rescue welcomes new firefighters, announces promotions

Anne Huff swears in nine new firefighters.

Beaumont Fire-Rescue welcomed nine new firefighters to its ranks and celebrated longtime service and several promotions, including one promotion to captain, during a ceremony at the department’s headquarters at 400 Walnut St. in Beaumont on Nov. 2.

Chief Anne Huff, who received her 30-year pin during the ceremony, greeted fellow fire staff and their families at the pavilion on Walnut Street.

“Welcome,” said Huff. “This swearing-in reminds us of what we swore to do on the first day we came to work. … A lot about the job is difficult. It’s easy to get a little cynical when you’re exposed to so much tragedy in life. … In repeating this oath, I think about how all of us felt the first time we were out on the job – positive, forward-looking. It’s easy to lose sight of this oath.”

She said she hopes hearing the oath once again would revitalize those feelings of hope in veteran fire staff who have served the community through its times of greatest need, and allow them to “connect back with what brought you here in the first place.”

“We can help people every day,” said the chief. “There’s no better job.”

Before administering the oath, Huff announced numerous promotions.

First on the list was Captain Jerry Ayres, who was promoted to Captain after 18 years of service. Ayres was promoted to driver in 2001, about four years after he started with Beaumont Fire-Rescue in 1997.

The following firefighters were promoted to driver:

Caleb Swinney, hired May 14, 2012

Joseph Vosters, hired Feb. 28, 2011

Joel Caillouet, hired Aug. 19, 2013

Luke Skelton, hired Feb. 11, 2013

Joshua Armfield, hired Aug. 19, 2013

Fernando Beltran, hired Nov. 7, 2011

Max Clamon, hired March 1, 2010

Following the announcements of promotions, Beaumont Fire-Rescue honored firefighters for longtime service to the community and presented them with pins signifying their years on duty.

The following were presented with service pins:

5 years (hired July 11, 2011)

Cody Bogue, Driver/Operator,

Anthony Frye, Driver/Operator

Reginald Phillips, Driver/Operator

Jason Ash, Firefighter,

Matthew Newton, Firefighter

10 years

Chris Winn, Driver/Operator, hired Oct. 2, 2006

Charles Gremmel, Driver/Operator, hired May 1, 2006

20 years (hired Aug. 22, 1996)

Ben House, District Chief

Craig Willett, Captain

Jeffery Julian, Driver/Operator

Michael Peevey, Driver/Operator

John Smith, Firefighter

25 years (hired June 17, 1991)

Jim Dabbs, Captain

Orlando Cormier, Firefighter

30 years (hired Sept. 2, 1986)

Anne Huff, Fire Chief

Leo Holden, District Chief

Charles Durio, Captain

Zach Lucas, Captain

Anthony Barry, Firefighter

35 years (hired June 29, 1981)

Doug Allen, Driver/Operator

Daniel Flanigan, Driver/Operator

After the pinning ceremony, nine new hires stepped forward, right hands raised, and swore their oaths to the department. The nine new firefighters, all hired May 9, are Noah Lytle, Alexander Galagher, Hieu Dang, William Lambert III, Jeremiah Calaway, James Posey, Travis Kirtley, Lucas Hoffpauir and Michael Hawkins Jr. 

“This is the future of Beaumont Fire-Rescue,” Huff said. “Keep working hard and make the department the best it can be.”