Beaumont gaming ordinance - passed!

Beaumont gaming ordinance - passed!

A gaming ordinance tabled at last week's Beaumont City Council meeting passed unanimously on Tuesday, June 10.

The gaming ordinance, meant as a tool to be used to fight illegal gambling in the city, faced some scrutiny after an amusement machine vendor, Jake Plaia, complained the ordinance was "overbroad," first during a workshop held on May 13 and then again at last week's June 3 meeting when the measure was to be up for a vote. He asked that businesses in which he has machines, and all other businesses that have 5 or less machines, be excluded from the proposed ordinance, which defines a gaming site as a location with one machine or more. Plaia's attorneys reportedly submitted a substantial brief to council members on May 30 in an effort to make that change to the ordinance, and Councilman W.L. Pate asked that the ordinance be tabled for a week while he and the other council members who had not had a chance to do so reviewed the plethora of information prior to voting. Despite some council member's reported readiness to move forward on a vote on the ordinance, it was mutually agreed to table the ordinance for one week.

At the meeting on June 10, the council voted unanimously to pass the ordinance.

Look for more information about the vote and newly approved ordinance in the June 12 issue of The Examiner.