Beaumont ISD purges itself of out-dated inventory

Beaumont ISD purges itself of out-dated inventory

Those traversing in the neighborhood surrounding the old Paul Brown Center in Beaumont’s north end may have noticed boxes and boxes of learning materials filling dumpsters on the old campus grounds, but according to Beaumont Independent School District administrators, discarding the outdated lesson plans is actually benefitting the district.

“BISD will sell some of the discontinued books as well as donate additional learning materials to Children International, a nonprofit humanitarian organization,” BISD spokesperson Ron Reynolds reports. “To achieve the district’s monumental goal of ridding excess textbook inventory, the Board of Managers approved a partnership with Follet Paper Company and BISD to properly dispose of the surplus out-of-adoption material at no cost to the district.”

Furthermore, according to BISD Chief Operations Officer Robert Calvert, the district is not only ridding itself of the excess waste taking up much-needed space, but BISD has already collected hundreds of dollars from the sale of recycled materials. Materials that cannot be repurposed will be discarded and hauled off as trash – also at no cost to the district, Calvert explained.

Reynolds said that BISD has received new K-12 Social Studies; 9-12 Math; and 6th- grade Fine Arts books for the 2015-16 school year that have already been put to use by students since early fall. In accordance with Texas Education Agency standards, the district has begun the process of eliminating “out-of-adoption materials,” most of which was purchased by the state, according to district officials. Additionally, although the outdated materials came directly from the state, whatever proceeds BISD can collect from the excess will stay in the district and be allotted to future textbook purchases.