Beaumont ISD student transfer window

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Beaumont ISD will be accepting requests for student transfers through March 29. Information regarding transfers can be found online at

Several campuses in Beaumont ISD are contending with overcrowding due to shifts in housing patterns and changes in school-age populations in certain geographic locations, according to a BISD press release. The district is also experiencing lower enrollments at other campuses. This imbalance has placed a strain on budgets, resources, transportation and staff.

To address this challenge for the short-term, the district has closed a number of campuses to open transfers. In addition, the district may need to implement the reassignment of a small number of students to campuses with lower enrollments to help facilitate and maintain quality instruction.

To more comprehensively address this matter, an evaluation is underway to develop a process to redraw the district’s attendance zones, BISD says.