Beaumont man arrested for terrorist threat

Beaumont man arrested for terrorist threat

On Aug. 20, officers with the Beaumont Police Department arrested 18-year-old Christian Joseph Guillory for terroristic threats made at Monisgnor Kelly High School.

According to police infornation, on Aug. 14, Guillory, a former Kelly student, along with another former student, went to the school to eat lunch with some current students. While they were at the school and as they were leaving, Guillory made comments police described as threatening and alarming.

Guillory is reported to have made comments to multiple people at different times stating he had an assault type rifle and he was going to come back and shoot up the school. He twice said he was not leaving until the shooting started. 

BPD was notified and worked with Kelly school officials and the district attorneey's office to gather information and file charges against Guillory. He is currently being held in the Jefferson County Jail for terrorist threat with a $25,000 bond.