Beaumont man who tried to bribe witness gets 25 years for cocaine possession

Beaumont man who tried to bribe witness gets 25 years for cocaine possession

State District Judge Larry Gist of the Drug Impact Court of Jefferson County accepted a jury verdict and sentenced John Toran, 40, to 25 years in prison on May 22, announced Criminal District Attorney Bob Wortham.

Information presented in court indicates that on April 5, 2016, Beaumont Police Officers R. Dommert and C. Wier were conducting a routine traffic stop in Beaumont. John Toran, the defendant, was the sole occupant of the vehicle. Pursuant to a consensual search of the vehicle, the officers discovered 34 grams of concealed cocaine. 

Toran was charged with second-degree felony possession of a controlled substance. During the jury trial, a witness for the defense claimed that the cocaine did not belong to Toran. The witness later recanted his testimony and revealed that the defendant had offered to pay $2,500 in exchange for this false testimony.

The twelve-person jury found Toran guilty of possession of a controlled substance. Because of his prior felony drug convictions, Toran faced a first-degree felony punishment range of five to ninety-nine years or life in prison. Judge Gist sentenced Toran to 25 years. Toran was also on federal probation at the time he committed this offense.

This case was prosecuted by Assistant Criminal District Attorneys Christopher Cadena and Robert Scott.

Cadena commented, “The defendant has a long history of drug offenses, including selling drugs. The jury sent a solid message that our county will not tolerate drug dealers who profit from drug addiction in the community. We are pleased with the jury’s decision and the judge’s sentence.”