Beaumont police investigate report of phony officer

Beaumont police investigate report of phony officer

Detectives are attempting to determine if a Beaumont motorist was stopped by a man falsely claiming to be a police officer, Beaumont police report.

The alleged incident occurred Friday at about 11:30 p.m. on Eastex Freeway between E. Lucas Drive and Dowlen Road. A female driver reported that a man driving a dark blue four-door car with red and blue overhead lights pulled her over. The woman described the man as a blonde-haired white male, about 5-foot-10, weighing about 180 pounds. She said that he was wearing a dark blue uniform that displayed a badge and a name tag. After detaining the woman for several minutes, the man then told the her that she could leave.

Due to the man’s behavior and statements, the woman felt that he might not have been an actual police officer. This is the only call we have received reference this man and vehicle stopping motorists. If other motorists have experienced a similar incident with a man or vehicle matching this description, we ask them to phone our non-emergency line at (409) 832-1234.



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