Beaumont police offer safety tips for upcoming school year

Beaumont police offer safety tips for upcoming school year

School is almost back in session, and the Beaumont Police Department is offering some back-to-school safety tips meant to keep students safe in preparation of the big opening day.

Classes start Monday, Aug. 24 in Beaumont and other surrounding cities and BPD wants to remind the community that many students will be traveling to and from school on-foot and on their bicycles. In a news release, BPD warns drivers to be particularly careful in school zones where children are getting into and out of stopped vehicles. The department will be "very diligent in the protection of the children," according to BPD, and cautions drivers to put down their cell phones while driving, and especially when traveling through school zones.

Drivers should be mindful of children at crosswalks, BPD suggests. Officers and school crossing guards will be monitoring crosswalks. BPD recommends parents should have their children cross at the monitored crosswalks.

If your child walks or rides a bike to school, BPD advises parents to travel the route with them a few times prior to sending them out on their own in order to let them get to know the neighborhood. Officers suggest parents check out the route during the times of day their children would be traveling it while going back and forth to school in order to monitor the neighborhood activities during those times and to assist in choosing the fastest route. Parents may also want to talk to neighbors along the route and possibly establish "safe houses," where children can go if they need help during the commute.

BPD warns drivers and parents to observe some basic school bus safety precautions. It is against the law, and dangerous, to pass a school bus while it is loading or unloading, advises the department. Parents should make sure they and their kids both know the number of the bus on which their children ride.

BPD also recommends leaving early in order to arrive on time to destinations throughout the school year to to an increase in traffic on inner city streets and on freeways. Drivers should expect delays due to traffic congestion while school is in session, says BPD.