Beaumont police officer struck by stray bullet

A Beaumont police officer was uninjured after his bulletproof vest stopped a stray bullet Wednesday evening.

Just before 10 p.m. on July 4, Officer Boudreaux and his partner Officer Shoemaker had issued a verbal warning to several people who were popping fireworks on the corner of West Virginia and Park St.

Officer Boudreaux was slowly traveling north on Park St. with the front left window down when something hit him in the upper left area of his chest. The object then struck the inside of his right upper thigh and caused a brief, stinging pain to his leg. His ballistic vest was damaged, as the bullet struck the button on his left breast pocket.

Boudreaux stopped the patrol car, got out and shined his flashlight on the floorboard to see what had hit him. He found a soft-tip bullet on the floorboard. Boudreaux and his partner looked around the immediate area and observed no one standing around except for the subjects they had warned, who were behind them, not the direction the bullet came from.

"I am thankful the bullet struck me, an officer in a ballistic vest, instead of a child," Boudreaux said.

The Beaumont Police Department said in a statement that they are happy to report Officer Boudreaux is well and the bullet did not penetrate the skin on his thigh. The ballistic vest took the brunt of the impact.