Beaumont voters approve $85 million in port bonds

port bond results

Nov. 7, Jefferson County voters said yes to Proposition A, voting to approve $85 million in General Obligation Bonds to fund a portion of three major components for the Port of Beaumont’s Capital Improvement Project.

The three improvements are adding a new modern dock to replace outdated docks that have collapsed, a rail yard interchange track and a new overpass from Carroll Street into the South End of the Port. 

The proposition passed with 66.68 percent voting yes (1,631) on the Proposition and 33.32 (815) percent voting no.

This will increase the current tax rate by approximately 3.9 cents per $100 valuation, totaling 10.6 cents per $100. 

“The Port of Beaumont is a public port, which means it is the people’s port,” Port of Beaumont Director Chris Fisher told The Examiner in response to the bond passing. “The election results speak volumes and confirm that Southeast Texans are growth-oriented and support projects that create and sustain jobs. We are thankful to our community and business partners who supported the bond election and know that this wouldn’t have been possible without their assistance.

“We are grateful to members of the community who took the time to vote and want them to know it is because of their action that we are able to amplify our economic impact on the region; those individuals are playing a direct role in the growth of Southeast Texas. We are looking forward to improving port facilities, which will fuel economic growth and increase our capacity by approximately 33 percent. Construction of our new Main Street Terminal 1 dock is the first, and most important, step in modernizing our port, which will ensure we remain competitive on a national and international level.”

— Kevin King