Bicycles and Bibles event makes dreams come true for Vidor family

Bicycles and Bibles event makes dreams come true for Vidor family

The Reaud Family Foundation’s Bicycles and Bibles program, which took place on Saturday, Dec. 15, made a difference in the lives of more than 1,000 children this holiday season. Vidor resident Wendy Rendon said hers is one of those families.

Rendon, who was recently laid off from her job, said the event made her family’s Christmas. Her daughters Lily, 6, and Rebecca, 11, received merchandise worth about $1,000 each, including new bicycles, coats, hoodies, shoes and more.

“It was a godsend,” Wendy said. “Lily’s bike had recently gotten stolen and some of the things that they gave us (at the event) were things that the girls actually had asked for this Christmas.”

Wendy said she wasn’t sure how or why her family was chosen but is very grateful for the gifts her daughters received because her family didn’t have any money for Christmas this year.

“We had never heard of (Bicycles and Bibles),” she said. “We were really excited.”

The volunteers at the event made Lily and Rebecca feel really special, according to their mother. Lily even got a chance to receive The Children’s Bible — a Bible that she had been asking her mother for for weeks — from Dana Reaud.

“We actually went to the library a week prior to the event, before we even knew about Bikes and Bibles, because she wanted to read the stories,” Wendy said. “That was the Bible they had (at the event). It was really neat.”

Wendy said the Converse shoes that the girls received were shoes they had been asking their mother to buy them as well.

“It all came together for us,” she said. “It was pretty amazing.”

Lily was even more excited than her mother about receiving the gifts from the Reaud Family Foundation.

“It was awesome!” Lily said. “Someone stole my bike, so I needed another one.”

The girls love to play basketball and soccer, Wendy said.

“They are down (at the playground) playing with the balls (the foundation gave them) right now,” she said.

Wendy’s oldest daughter, 13-year-old Destiny, wasn’t eligible for the event because of her age, but that isn’t stopping her from joining in the fun her sisters are having with their new gifts, her mother said.

“She ended up with some of the outfits,” Wendy said. “The whole neighborhood is benefiting, actually, because they are playing ball with the other kids.”

 This is the 14th year the Bicycles and Bibles program has helped make children’s holidays happier. The inside of The Children’s Bible reads “Do not be afraid to dream. All things are possible,” and according to their mother, the event did indeed make the girls’ dreams come true this Christmas.

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