Big-rig accident shuts down Interstate 10

Big-rig accident shuts down Interstate 10

Eastbound traffic on Interstate 10 was shut down again Wednesday, March 20, after another 18-wheeler accident. 

Police say the driver of a tanker sustained minor injuries when his truck overturned in front of the downtown exit in Beaumont at about 2 p.m. Police in the area were re-routing traffic onto surface streets, but with all three lanes of eastbound traffic shut down, motorists should expect delays of an hour or more. A wrecker was seen attempting to remove the overturned tanker from the freeway at about 2:20, but police did not say when they expected to have the roadway clear.

In a separate incident, one man was hospitalized Monday, March 19, after two 18-wheelers collided in the eastbound lanes of I-10 near Louisiana Street in Beaumont.



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