BISD addresses soccer fiasco

BISD addresses soccer fiasco

School officials from two districts have been mulling over the events that led up to an altercation this past week at a girl’s soccer game played between Beaumont Independent School District’s Ozen High School and Bridge City High School. In the aftermath, BISD athletic director Rodney Saveat issued a statement concerning what the district is calling “inappropriate conduct.”

“After an examination of the officials’ reports and statements from witnesses and administrators of both schools, it has been found that at the close of the post-game handshake, there was an exchange of heated words among a few members of both teams,” Saveat said. “This verbal exchange allowed emotions to take control of the better judgment of some of the student-athletes and led to a brief physical altercation between some of the players. The incident was quickly controlled by the officials and coaches present.

“Members of the Ozen girls’ soccer team who participated in the willful acts of player misconduct have been identified and disciplinary action has been applied, including probation and suspension from all athletic activities for the remainder of the 2011-2012 school year and a broad range of game suspensions for the 2012-2013 soccer season.

“It is unfortunate that this incident occurred and we will continue in our efforts to work closely with members of this team and all of our student-athletes’ character building and development.”