BISD agenda attachments unavailable

BISD agenda attachments unavailable

An ongoing endeavor by The Examiner to provide the agenda attachments for each Beaumont Independent School District board of trustees meeting hit a snag this week when the district encountered a computer issue that prevented access to the documents.

According to Greg Schumacher, BISD's director of information technology, said the district had to replace a server and there were some issues ensuring access before the meeting. The matter was resolved during the meeting when it was brought to Schumacher's attenetion. He said there should be no access problems in the future.

The Examiner will update the agenda attachments after the meeting and continue its mission of ensuring the business of BISD is conducted in the light of day. Several months ago a majority of BISD board members voted to forbid the public access to the attachments it uses when making decisions on how taxpayers' money is spent in the district. One board member said at the time that the public didn't need "that much transparency." The board also voted to prevent the district's check registry from being placed online.

Since that time, The Examiner has obtained a complete check registry for the 2010/2011 fiscal year and is breaking down the numbers to show which businesses and individuals get the most financial benefit from BISD. That story should be ready for publication in the next two weeks.



B.I.S.D. Transparency

I have been paying B.I.S.D. Taxes for 25+ years. I grew up going through the B.I.S.D. school system. Unfortunitally, I have elected to send my 3 kids to private schools because of the lack of leadership in this school environment. I believe we have some of the best teachers in the nation,thats not the problem. The problem is Carol Thomas and his non-transparent policys. Mr.Thomas and some of his board members think they can do whatever they want when they want.We are on to you and your miss-guided deeds.Hopefully, Your rein will come to an end soon. GOD BLESS BISD.

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