BISD educator fights back against Patricia Lambert

BISD educator fights back against Patricia Lambert

Although supported by her colleagues, peers and the com­munity at large, Beaumont Independent School District employee Sharon Hendrix failed to garner the support of the BISD school board majority Jan. 16 when asking the governing body of the school district to reconsider evidence that points to harass­ment and retaliation perpetrated by the dis­trict’s current assis­tant superintendent for curriculum and secondary education, Patricia Adams Collins Lambert.

Hendrix is likewise seeking the support of the local justice system in prevailing against what she believes to be an attack on her and her teenage daughter exacted by a “mali­cious” Lambert. In court records filed prior to the end of the 2013 school year, Hen­drix’s daughter is named as the court petitioner claiming that Lambert and others conspired to deprive her of her rightful status at the salutatorian for the 2013 graduating class of Central High School. Also named in the lawsuit is the entity of BISD, Superinten­dent Timothy Chargois, and staff members Ieka Wilridge and Leigh Lowell. BISD, Chargois, Wilridge and Lowell are represented by district-funded attorney Christopher Gilbert, and Lambert has attained private representation from Houston attorney Paul Lamp.

All named parties categorically deny changing the teenag­er’s grades to affect class ranking, but Lambert has asserted she knows who did change grades – the teen’s mother and then associate princi­pal of Central High, Sharon Hendrix. Lambert did not address why, if she knew an educator under her charge was changing grades, she did not discipline or terminate the cheater. Lambert has counter­sued the teen for attorney fees.

Parties were called for oral arguments on Jan. 17, the result of which was ordering BISD to produce student tran­scripts recorded for the com­plainant and the student who was ultimately awarded salu­tatorian status for Central High’s 2013 graduating class. No further court date has been posted at this time, and the discovery portion of the suit continues.