BISD notified of official investigation

BISD notified of official investigation

The Beaumont Independent School District is now being forced to address an official state investigation into allegations of misdealings and mismanagement. The school district was notified by an investigator from the TEA (Texas Education Agency) on Friday, June 14, that the administration of BISD will face tough scrutiny in the coming weeks and months.

According to Emi Johnson, Director of the TEA Special Investigations Unit, “The nature and scope of this investigative audit will include, but is not limited to, a review of financial and student attendance records, a review of test administration procedures, investigation and incident reports, and interview statements.”

See attached letter from TEA investigator for more of what the investigator had to say to BISD officials:



There needs to be a

There needs to be a clarification. It is C'Brionne Hendrix that filed the lawsuit and not her mother Sharon against Lambert, etc. in regards to the grades.

It had to be filed in CB's

It had to be filed in CB's name because she's 18.

wait...what about all those

wait...what about all those messages from Chargois to teachers, there is/will be no investigation. ooops


Student grading system

How can students that are not in the honor society wind up with top honors?Students that are in regular classes making A's and B's should not rank as high as or even with the students who have taken advanced and college bound classes.Your system is broken and needs/should be fixed immediately!!! What is the incentive for a student to bust his/her tail working hard to maintain good grades and not get rewarded or recognized for it?That is Shameful and Disgraceful to our kids!!! Where is the leadership,sense of right and wrong? How about honesty and fairness? Can anybody intervene and fix what is broken and not let this continue?

Right On!

Also it's quite natural that we take care of our own, but at what cost? Taxpayers have to see and hear about how their hard earned dollars are being misused by abusive people with their wwwwwown agenda. Hiring some of their family members and friends all over the district who are not certified nor highly qualified for that matter. There are really good people that do the right thing and has all their creditials that apply for positions in the district, but are turned away due to the corrupted nature of the district. I believe that's call nepotism and abuse of their authority. There are laws against this practice, but the powers that be have their agendas. As consequence our children are the ones hurting... Yes, they need to be stopped!!!

They Leave

And unfortunately what happens it that the really good people end up being transferred or leave the district. Sharon Hendrix ran Central for years and was a good associate principal. Now she's been transferred to Pathways. Is that a coincidence? I think not. Let's sit back and see who's given that title next. I'm sure it will be someone close to Lambert who will continue operations as Central the way that she sees fit.

No it's not a coincidence.

No it's not a coincidence. I'm sure it's been in the works since all of this got started. I have to say it's a big mistake.

An EXEMPLARY school district

One could ask whether taxpayer funds are/were misspent by promoting BISD as being one of the top ten districts in the U S . . . or, whether the manner in which BISD was selected as one of the top ten school districts is on par with the manner in which BISD accounting standards are being applied. Either way, BISD will likely maintain campus signs of being 'exemplary' . . . which only underscores the reality that BISD has been anything but 'exemplary'.


Many BISD employees have asked how the district is one of the top places to work. As a former employee of the district, I don't see how any exemplary title can be given when students cannot read or write on grade level. Many of them cannot even perform the most basic of tasks. The discipline is so bad at some schools that teachers cannot teach, but spend more time disciplining students. Please people, DO NOT believe the hype about BISD!

About Time!

It's about time they stepped in. You can't trust BISD to investigate anything they will cover it up. Maybe they will investigate these schools that are selling candy during the lunch period that they are not supposed to be selling!

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