BISD preps dozens of witnesses for record review

BISD preps dozens of witnesses for record review

In the spirit of sparing no expense in fighting the Texas Education Agency takeover of the failing Beaumont Independent School District, the school district’s high-dollar attorneys have produced a lineup of witnesses to bring to Austin this Friday, June 6, that includes more than 30 employees, administrators, elected officials, and paid-by-the-hour lawyers for the district. The purpose of the June 6 date is to allow BISD to  appeal to the TEA the TEA’s prior decision to revoke BISD’s accreditation status and render a status of “Accredited – Probation” due to financial mismanagement exacted by current and past administrators and employees – many of who are on the BISD “Who’s Who” witness list.

Also included on the witness list are many recognizable names that are not employees of BISD. Former TEA Commissioner Robert Scott is named, as is former TEA special investigator Emi Johnson. TEA monitor/conservator for BISD “Frank Schafer” aka Fred Shafer is also listed, as are newly hired financial consultant William Lenhart (and his entire team) and interim internal auditor Dan Hernandez.

In addition to the 35 persons named as witnesses for BISD, school district hired legal eagle Chris Tritico noted that BISD also reserves the right to call rebuttal witnesses for evidence submitted by the TEA in its attempt to eject the current BISD leaders.

Those named as witnesses for BISD are:

1.         Gwen Ambres, President, BISD Board of Trustees

2.         Janice Brassard, Vice President, BISD Board of Trustees

3.         Terry D. Williams, member, BISD Board of Trustees

4.         Woodrow Reece, member, BISD Board of Trustees

5.         Zenobia Bush, member, BISD Board of Trustees

6.         Timothy Chargois, BISD superintendent

7.         Shirley Bonton, BISD deputy superintendent

8.         Dwaine Augustine, BISD chief academic officer

9.         Sybil Comeaux, BISD director of human resources

10.       Phillip Brooks, BISD chief of operations

11.       Kimber Knight, BISD technology

12.       Joe Bowser, BISD director of maintenance

13.       Aaron Covington, BISD interim director of purchasing

14.       Joanna Genuardi, BISD director of food service

15.       Ezell Brown, BISD director of transportation

16.       Clydell Duncan, BISD chief of police

17.       Dan Hernandez, BISD interim internal auditor

18.       Susan Barefield- Director of Special Education

19.       Flor De Liz Hernandez- Residential Facilities and Compliance Monitor

20.       William Lenhert, WCL Enterprises, BISD consultant

21.       Chuck Yaple, WCL Enterprises/ Whitley Penn, BISD consultant

22.       Colleen Wells, WCL Enterprises, BISD consultant

23.       John Davis, WCL Enterprises, BISD consultant

24.       Frank Schafer (sic), TEA conservator assigned to BISD

25.       Kay Karr, Responsive Learning

26.       Cathy Mincberg, Center for Reform of School Systems

27.       Jason Mixon, Lamar University, BISD Special Accreditation Committee

28.       Rick Morris, Counsel for BISD

29.       Sarah W. Langlois, Counsel for BISD

30.       Christopher L. Tritico, Counsel for BISD

31.       Ron S. Rainey, Counsel for BISD

32.       David Marx, Director Division for Financial Compliance, Texas Education Agency

33.       Emi Johnson, Director Special Investigations Unit (sic), Texas Education Agency

34.       Ursula Parks, Director Legislative Budget Board

35.       Robert Scott, Former Commissioner of Education, Expert witness




When will it stop?

When will this nest of snakes finally understand that they are done her.e DONE!! There can be no "fixing things," no reconciliation in Beaumont and readiness to move on until the house is clean first. Please, TEA, ignore the smoke, look at the truth and give us our schools back.

Fixing Things May Actually Be A 'Patch'

Let's be honest . . . and realistic. BISD has now been broken TWICE in a rather short period of time . . . TWICE BROKEN. So, the concern should not be to fix BISD with a 'patch' but try to implement measures that will prevent a breakdown for the third time in the near future . . . whether by busting up the independent school district in as many school districts as possible . . . or, provide school vouchers to allow freedom of choice to a private, charter or independent school of one's choice . . . or, completely ditch the independent school system for one populated only by private and charter schools . . . something . . . anything that could likely prevent the failure of a community school system for the third time.

Pretty sure, Doc. To put your

Pretty sure, Doc. To put your mind at ease, however, I have attached the official filing for your added reading pleasure.


Looks like their vacationing on our dime again.When will is end .

Remember When ?

REMEMBER WHEN US Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee intervened on behalf of North Forest Independent School District . . . which resulted in a one year reprieve before North Forest Independent School District merged with Houston Independent School District.

Too much sensibility creates unhappiness and too much insensibility creates crime. - Charles Mauice de Talleyrand

Are you sure you didn't

Are you sure you didn't transpose the FBI list? ;)

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