BISD teacher indicted in theft of flag girl money

Alisa Boutte

Wednesday, March 21, the Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office released the indictment handed up by a grand jury March 15 alleging Beaumont Independent School District special education teacher Alisa Boutte committed third-degree felony theft by taking money from the parents of students at Central High School while acting in an official capacity.

Boutte was placed on paid administrative leave in September 2016 pending the results of an investigation into allegations that she absconded with student money meant for extracurricular activity purposes, but she has since been reinstated to active duty. Boutte, according to district records, had been a special education teacher at Central High School for two years when the allegations of theft first surfaced but has been an educator since 1992. In her Behavior Transition class, she was responsible for eight students, but it is in the nine-student extracurricular sponsorship role that Boutte is alleged to have committed the theft. As the flag girl sponsor, Boutte was allegedly given a large sum of money by the team members to be used for the purchase of equipment that she never produced.

In the probable cause affidavit filed to secure Boutte’s indictment, Central High principal Ron Jackson admits school funds were eventually used to provide the flag team with the uniforms they paid Boutte to purchase on their behalf.

Parent volunteer Brenda Hasley, who also works as a CASA representative, said she was caught up in the theft allegations because Boutte signed Hasley’s name to receipts given to parents who paid cash for the flag girls’ equipment. Hasley long lamented that Boutte’s prosecution, as well as the facts of the case laid out for public review, would be the only way to clear her name now that it has been associated with such criminal activity.

 “When she was signing Brenda Hasley, they didn’t know if it was (me) or not,” Hasley previously told The Examiner.

But that didn’t stop parents from accusing Hasley of being part of the shenanigans, she said.

“The parents thought I had something to do with it – and they went on TV with that,” Hasley said. “They didn’t know what to believe. The parents were led to believe that I was involved.”

Now, Hasley is the only one who has been banished from campus.

“They removed me as if I was the problem,” she said. “As a parent volunteer, I’d been with that program for six years. My daughter used to be part of the flags, and I worked with them then. I never did mind volunteering my time to help the students; I was there six years with no problems until they hired Alisa Boutte.”

Hasley said she ultimately confronted Boutte about the BISD educator signing Hasley’s name to flag team cash receipts and recorded the conversation. The probable cause affidavit supports Hasley’s claims, as the recording has since been admitted as evidence in the state’s prosecution.

Boutte, the probable cause affidavit alleges, collected more than $4,000 from parents, and reportedly turned over $1,400 to principal Jackson once the internal investigation commenced, but no uniforms.