BISD's Walker Electric costs district thousands

Calvin Walker

When the Beaumont Independent School District’s Odom Middle School opened a student-operated fruit stand to show the pupils the value of a hard-earned dollar and the reward of providing organic food offerings to the public at a reasonable cost, the effort was heralded by a community appreciative of the service. That service has now been threatened since the school district’s electrician of record, Calvin Walker, billed the district in excess of $7,000 to provide simple wiring to the school’s fruit stand but failed to garner approval from the city of Beaumont’s building codes inspector before declaring the project a done-deal.

Expert analysis of the fruit stand project by local electricians state that the job was not only done improperly, but also at a rate more than double what it’s worth. To add insult to injury, the fruit stand has now been closed pending city of Beaumont code approval, and the school’s fruit stand operator said the students are still in the process of seeking roughly $6,000 to complete the campus project.

‘Friend’ prices

After saving up to buy a used portable building from a now-defunct Beaumont business, Odom Middle School advisor Will Humber and his agriculture students embarked on a mission to convert the old shaved-ice stand into an air-conditioned fruit stand for use in selling the products of the campus garden.

In April, BISD officials sanctioned district electrician Calvin Walker to piggy-back some electricity from a nearby campus building to the small fruit stand. According to a permit to perform the work filled out at the city of Beaumont by Walker’s wife and business partner, Stacy, the electricians were going to perform commercial service and install one outlet, switch or receptacle. After billing for more than 100 man-hours, rental use of the company’s bucket truck, material, and a 10 percent markup, the total cost for Walker to provide the outlet was $7,300.

A paid invoice from BISD shows that Walker’s company received a request to perform the Odom project April 9, with work commencing at the site April 20. Within 10 days, according to the invoice, the job was complete. In that time, Walker billed for three electrical laborers, each making $60 an hour for 14 hours; two laborers each earning $45 an hour for 32 hours apiece; $1,000 to rent his bucket truck for eight hours; more than $700 for materials; and a $175 charge to provide the materials. A call to Walker’s Electric for a breakdown of the costs was not answered.

A separate Southeast Texas electrician reviewed the project, however, and did give a breakdown of the costs that should have been incurred to provide service to the fruit stand and also pointed out the problems in the job Walker performed at the campus that could have caused the facility not to pass city of Beaumont muster.

“At the high end, trade service pricing came to about $3,000 for that job,” the electrician advised. “No way could you charge more than that. That includes about 18 man hours to do it all, and $325 a day for a lift (truck.)”

According to the electrician, the Walker project wasn’t even worth the $3,000 high-end quote. He said, the “service mast is not tied back properly, the wiring is supposed to be 8 feet above the porch, the weather head has blue wire nuts – probably not a legal connection, the tie back is wrapped around the wire and should have been secured to the building (and) not the conduit, and no main breaker in the panel at the stand – it shouldn’t be in use or passed for inspection by the city.”

The expert who quoted electrical pricing for The Examiner elected not to be named but was called to inspect the Odom fruit stand work after a Beaumont city code inspector arrived to investigate why the fruit stand was open without the proper electrical permitting.

Odom agriculture advisor Humber said he was unaware of any problems with the electrical wiring when questioned by the city inspector Tuesday, June 25. “I had no idea,” he reiterated, to which the city inspector offered up a point of contact who had been informed there were problems that needed to be addressed before the city would approve the construction.

“We told Mr. Walker,” the city inspector advised. Humber walked the inspector through the small portable building before arriving at the decision to shut down the fruit stand until the electrical power confusion could be straightened out.

“(The inspector) didn’t say we had to close,” Humber said. “But he did have some concerns and I wouldn’t feel comfortable having my kiddos in there until everything is all straightened out.”

The electrician called to Odom to review Walker’s work said, in his opinion, the work was shoddy, but no students were likely in harm’s way.

“I wouldn’t say they’re in any danger, but the work’s not done right,” he said. “These kids still need more money to finish this project, and it’s a shame they can’t get it from the district. The money is there; it just got given to the wrong place.”



Trampled right my butt, you

Trampled right my butt, you talk about trampled rights because you don't want to talk about Calvin's raping of the district funds. He cut a deal to keep from going to trial again. He was not proved innocent any more than he was proven guilty. His innocence will always be left up in the air. I have heard that they cut the deal because the DOJ called from DC and told them to cut the deal.

As far as running out of the house, I think that having guns drawn would make me NOT run. You really seem to be pushing the race issue. I guess we are racists because Calvin is black but you aren't despite Dwayne being white? It cuts both ways you know.

My never ending concerns about Walker is the fact that he continues to do what he did in the past.


How do YOU know that all of this 'supposed' leaking of information happened PRIOR to Walker's indictment/trial, AND Walker high-paid attorney didn't???

Another question, seeings you know so much...

Why, EXACTLY, did Walker give up OVER THREE MILLION DOLLARS, for a crime he DIDN'T commit???

Because the FEDS stampled his rights????

R E A L L Y?????

Could you post more than your "comment" seeing that you expect everyone else here posting do the same??

I have SEEN, with my own eyes, the BISD register, post the amounts paid to Walker, before they pulled everything that could sink them.

YOU, otoh, have posted NOTHING, but an 'anonymous' moniker and words that are nothing but BOVINE FECAL MATTER, imho!

Mr Stevens, if you do not

Mr Stevens, if you do not have the time to answer all of the questions I am sure it would be okay with the poster if you were to answer them one at a time.

A Completely INNOCENT Man.....

Does NOT give up OVER three MILLION dollars to plead guilty to a misdemeanor tax charge UNLESS he gets a guarantee that the other charges won't come back to 'haunt him'!

From the sounds of things, Walker is well on his way to making up that THREE MILLION by the beginning of the next school year!!


If Calvin is such a bad man and allegedly does shoddy work at exhorbitant rates then why is Calvin allowed to keep his BISD contract.

Or has this witch hunt been fueled by a competitor of Calvins?

First of all, there is no

First of all, there is no witch hunt. What you are seeing is two elected officials trying to hold people's feet to the fire concerning things that are not right. His overbilling is real and should concern all taxpayers and people in the BISD area. As far as anything being done by a competitor, there is nothing that I am aware of. WE called in an electrician for confirmation of our concerns.

Why is Calvin allowed to keep his contract? that is a great question. One trustee said Calvin has done nothing wrong. That is completely not true. Another said that the only thing Calvin did wrong is pay his taxes late. That is an out and out lie. Maybe you should ask that question to the trustees that voted to renew his contract. My opinion, and I have stated this at a public meeting, is that the trustees are either involved with Calvin or are covering for someone they know who is involved with Calvin.

So you are stating that the

So you are stating that the trustees are on the take and you have proof of that? And yet the people blogging here think there is no racism involved.... an elected official is accusing black trustees of being on the take and has provided absolutely no proof.
An elected official states that he invited Duayne Hermann out to inspect Walker's work because he trusted him and then states that he has only known him after meeting him three months ago at a grocery store... Hermann was vocal and public in 2011 when he was talking to the FBI (featured in several newspaper articles) and now he wants to be the unnamed electrician who inspects Walker's work...odd.
The same elected official states that the feds in the DOJ in DC wanted a deal done as if he were certain this is what happened. I do not doubt the information- I do believe that the US Attorney Office in Beaumont should never have leaked that information and it is basically an admission that they have had an inordinately hard time keeping their mouths closed about the case. If your information is correct (and I actually believe it is), the US Attorney should not be wagging his tongue about it. It is not professional, neither in my opinion is it ethical. Ask Bob Rawls to go on the record at the Examiner and tell Beaumont about the orders from DC. That might be interesting....
The fact that Duayne Hermann knew about the sealed indictments and the switching of judges doesn't concern this elected official..... who obviously does not understand the legal system and yet there is no agenda here.....
I for one would like to see you at the next board meeting ask each and every black board member to go on the record and answer your insinuation that they are on the take.... it might be enlightening. If you are accusing them of being on the take- surely you have proof and could provide it at the next board meeting. You do represent the people of Beaumont and they deserve to know your proof.

I have stated that my opinion

I have stated that my opinion is that they are part of Walker OR covering for someone who is. It just so happens that they are black, but is said because I see no legit reason forthem to renew his contract. They have given no true reason and refuse to allow the government to explain their own reason for why we have been victimized. That last decision is a $2 million dollar decision. BTW, the others who I think are involved or are covering include some whites. So, before pulling the race card out, be sure and know what you are talking about. You really do have a way of posting in a way that fits you agenda.

There is no question about why I trust Dwayne. Personally knowing a person for a certain period of time is not a requirement to me. Also, Dwayne was asked by Tom and Me, he did not "want" to be the electrician who I specs the work. Again, nice attempt to rewrite the facts.

I have never stated that I have "information" that the DOJ wanted a deal cut. It is my opinion and i think was stated as such?

As far as the other trustees answering my insinuations about my opinion of them, they had that opportunity at the meeting where I made that statement. I remember Woodrow was appalled by my comment but can't recall whether the others had anything to say about my comment. It can't be the first time they heard it. The difference is that I have the balls to say it publicly.

The reason the knowledge of Dwayne blah, blah, blah doesn't concern me is that I have seen for myself how you turn a comment around to suit your argument. That makes me seriously doubt that it is true.

I'm not disputing any

I'm not disputing any overbilling. The point is that the BISD approved of Calvin Walkers contract and nothing was done "under the table".
If you want to go after anyone then go after BISD.
Again why the vendetta against Calvin Walker.
Also if that is true about the DOJ in DC ordering the local people to take a plea deal then all you are proving is that the US attorney's office in Beaumont is leaking like a sieve because they should not be revealing information pertinent to the case.

The US Attorneys office is

The US Attorneys office is part of the DOJ.

You are correct that the contract was approved, but I think there is a lot under the table.

As far as going after BISD, we are doing that. We have expressed our opinion about who is involved in the district.

There is not vendetta against Calvin, at least in terms of retaliation. If you mean a vendetta as far as a fight against him, then the reason for that is because he never changed his ways. You say you are not disputing any over billing. I have proof of the overfilling and will not stop until something is done. As a trustee, I have a duty to oversee what is going on and I will continue until it is stopped and the people involved are removed.

Let me explain this in simple

Let me explain this in simple terms. Calvin Walkers American rights afforded by our system of laws and due process were trampled. That should bother you a thousand times more than what you are falsely claiming.
In countries where there is no due process and the government is free to accuse people and charge them with crimes and spread misinformation all over the populace- people routinely give things up to avoid the continual onslaught from the government. You seem to think that this is a light matter. Nothing will get through the wall of hatred that you have built up.... I pray the government is exposed for the wrongs they and people like Hermann were committing.
You falsely claim or insinuate that Walker is making up three million dollars because of this article. Another recent blog in town was critical of the fact that Walker purchased oil and fluid from Walmart for six dollars each... what a scoundrel! The accusations keep piling on. Please wait and hope with me that if Walker's rights were violated, people will be held accountable as they should in our system of justice.

You, Anonymous, are Color Blind!

You really think that Tricky Dicky (Calvin's high dollar attorney) would have just let Calvin GIVE AWAY three MILLION dollars if he thought Calvin's rights were being trampled??? At OVER $1000 per hour, with the prospect of winning a lawsuit AND getting a judgment for the tax payers to pay his exorbitant attorneys fees, Dick Deguerin would have watched Calvin sign the guilt admission and just walked away??

As far as your race comment. Calvin stealing from the district is not about him being black! It is about him being an unqualified electrician that was put in place because he IS black! He has not attempted to become a certified/licensed electrician. Instead he finds every way possible to skirt around the law! Changes the name of his business so that his debarred company can still work at the money pit BISD! If that is the type of man you look up to and defend, you might need to quit saying how people have died for him to have rights! Those same people that died for our rights and freedoms are TURNING OVER IN THEIR GRAVES to think you believe they fought for that!

You keep stating that Calvin

You keep stating that Calvin Walker stole and yet the US Attorney could not prove it in a court of law. You have decided what the verdict is.
How do you know what Deguerin would or would not have done. If I had a client that I knew the deck was stacked against because the US Attorney and the FBI were leaking all sorts of information- I'd tell them to take a deal also. Funny how you just can't accept that.
I served this country in a time of war and it was to insure that people had rights and yes that includes the right not to have the government spreading information all over the place that has not been proven in court.
Ask the US Attorney Bob Rawls if he knew that Duayne Hermann was told about the sealed indictments or that the judge was going to be switched prior to the indictments coming public and have him comment in the public rather than all of the people with their misinformation. Ask Scott Baurer of the FBI Office if he knew that leaks were coming from his office and how they handled the Walker case. When it comes to matters like this, you are sadly mistaken that people did not fight to prevent that kind of government abuse.
You keep saying Calvin is a certain type of man that breaks the law every chance he gets and if enough people repeat this, it somehow becomes truth. The laws are there to protect everyone from government abuse. I may be willing to refrain from commenting if he were an accused child molester, a rapist, or a murderer but that is not the case. The US Attorney Bob Rawls and the FBI had every avenue legally open to them to prove that he stole and they could not do it and there is a reason they could not do it. You just can't accept the fact that there was no proof to sustain the charges and if you think there was, then you would have to admit the US Attorney and the FBI are the biggest joke in Beaumont.
You scream that it isn't that Calvin is black that I am so mad- you don't understand that he is a thief. I would say that you are wrong. You are repeating misinformation and have become the judge and jury as if this somehow negates the fact that you are acting the way you are for very obviious reasons and you don't like being called on it.

Mr. Stevens, you seem to be

Mr. Stevens, you seem to be more upset about supposed leaks than you are about Calvin continuing to screw the taxpayers. What gives? How can you sit back and watch that happen and even try to defend him? I doubt you have proof of any leaks. I have told you several times that I can show you that it is not misinformation, but you have yet to accept the offer. Are you afraid of what you will see?

Calvin's rights weren't

Calvin's rights weren't trampled. In fact, he used the legal system to his advantage. As far as the oil, people were not annoyed that he bought oil at Walmart for six dollars. It was the amount he charged to put the oil in the generators that annoyed them. Those bills, like almost all his bills, were inflated. Nameless electricians on invoices and having to show real paid invoices for the true cost of materials is coming to an end anyway.

I guess we will agree to

I guess we will agree to disagree. You insist that Calvin's rights were not trampled and I know they were. You think it fair to rely on a man who helped trample those rights to give his opinion about Walker's work- I think it suggests a hidden agenda. The fact that you are not concerned about a person's rights is indicative of why the country is headed the way it is. The FBI and the US Attorney had every avenue open to them to prove their case and they couldn't and you will continue to sling mud along with Hermann. I just think you might want to be aware of what you are doing and how it comes across to many people.

Like I told Dr. Chargois, my

Like I told Dr. Chargois, my intention is to expose and remove anyone who has fleeced this district as well as any person who has cheated a child of the best education. If people have a problem with what I do, they should have run against me. They will have a chance to do that in the future. However, I seriously doubt people will leave the anonymity of a blog and put some skin in the game like a few of us have done. In short, I don't care how I come across to people.

Response to anonymous

Obviously, you choose to ignore facts. This is America, not one of the other countries you mention where there is no due process. Mr. Walker can count his blessings that he lives here and not there-where ever there is.

For the life of me, I can't see where the courts denied Mr. Walker of his rights. Actually, there are very few people in beaumont that could afford a high dollar Houston attorney like Walker hired. If you think Walker was treated so bad, maybe you should take it up with his attorney. Seems to me that those of us that can't afford a big name lawyer like Walker's would have less of an advantage in court than Walker did.

On the other hand, the court didn't have to decide walkers guilt. Walker admitted guilt. He admitted to tax evasion and theft. If Walker's right's were trampled, why did he plead guilty?

The fact that someone expressed dismay that Walker purchased oil at Walmart is another testament to this great country. The person you refer to was exercising his right to free speech like you express your right to free speech by defending a self proclaimed thief and tax evader. Count your blessings.

And so the witch hunt continues

Following the events associated with the Calvin Walker trial and from an "outsiders" point of view I've learned that:
1) 37 criminal charges Walker was facing related to defrauding the Beaumont school district were dropped.
2) The judge was very clear to the jury in his ruling that "You are instructed that the contract for maintenance, originally approved in August 2006 and renewed in May 2007, August 2008, August 2009, and May 2010, was a valid contract. However, it does not apply to any of the projects identified in the indictment. Therefore, you should not use any part of that contract to decide whether a representation was material or false.. "
3) Calvin was allowed to keep his BISD contract.

It's over. Why does the witch hunt continue? This make me wonder if those still pursuing Calvin Walker have something to hide themselves?

Where in the article is a

Where in the article is a complete list of all the work assigned and accomplished? The paper seems to imply that Walker charged over $7,000.00 for installing an outlet. It does not cover the work that had to be done. A competitor who happens to brag that he has talked to the FBI for hours when the investigation was in it's early stages and then willing talks of sealed indictments, switching of judges, and which federal agencies were involved in the federal investigation before the indictments even came out and claims that he received his information from a US Attorney and the FBI is not someone to trust nor should one be using this person to check the work accomplished or the pricing of the job. That would be the City Inspectors job and the appropriate financial department within BISD.
For two trustees to act like this and hide behind a false concern for the children is preposterous. The reason the federal government could not get a conviction in a case where Walker faced 37 felony counts is they were false charges in my opinion and the federal personnel in this case had no respect for the rule of law.
All of the people complaining about Calvin Walker seem to miss the point that there is not one job that was completed and paid for that has failed inspection nor has a trustee stated publically that the work was not satisfactory. Bringing in a man of Duayne Hermann's character is the problem here. If the people of Beaumont would try to look at the facts rather than trying to parrot what these two trustees have so far been able to mislead a great number of people with, the anger would dissapate and the real felons of the bond monies would be looked at.

Bring in the financial person

Bring in the financial person for the district? Seriously? We have gone that route already and that is why why we are using a different route. I have questioned why Calvin was paid $20,000 in bucket truck rentals to take apart the temporary campus on Major Dr when almost all the lines were in conduit on the ground. The district people had no problem with that. Why go to them now. They are just as responsible as Calvin is on these things.

Concerning false charges by the fed, that is BS. Calvin gave up $3.7 million to them in his plea deal. Innocent men don't give up that kind of money. As far as 2 trustees acting like this, what do you think we are supposed to do, turn our heads like some of the trustees do?

I f you think that his work has passed all inspections you must be unaware of the situations at both temporary campuses. Both were threatened with being shut down last year because of his work. That cost the district additional money on top of the millions he charged to do the original work. Two trustees have been vocal about him for over year.

As far as the real criminals in the bond money, I am more than willing to hear who you think these people are. I will be more than happy to meet with you and show you what Calvin has screwed the district out of. Any time, any place.

Walker issue

If the inspection done by the electrician with a "beef", then why isn't another electrician validating the issue? In my profession, if two professionals don't agree, a third party usually sheds some light..........

response to anonymous

The electrician you refer to with a "beef" was the city inspector. I, for one, am glad that we have people like him to protect to public from shady electricians. If it were not for the inspectors that shut down the temporary Curtis campus after Walkers slipshod wiring job, our kids could have been electrocuted. I'll pass on second opinions here. I trust the inspectors.

No the person with the beef

No the person with the beef was Duayne Hermann. Ask the Examiner to get the Inspector on record as to what he found and what were the causes of his findings. The shoddy work and all of the critiquing was from Hermann, a competitor.
Can you not understand that if a competitor were called into review every job accomplished- all we would have would be mudslinging?
If the trustees thought this was fair, they should have their motives questioned. Please reread the article and ask the paper to have reliable sources give their statements- not competitors and people with hidden agendas.

City of Beaumont Inspected it!

The other electrician with the "beef" was asked to verify the costs Walker charged. NOT verify the City of Beaumont's Inspection Departments DENIAL of the work done.

In the end, Beaumont's inspector has/had the last say. Shoddy, unprofessional and incomplete work done!

But as Calvin is so well-known to do, he'll 'repair' it and 're-bill' it! It will end up costing BISD $25,000!

Can you not see that in the

Can you not see that in the article Duayne Hermann was the one calling the work shoddy and not the City Inspector? Does it make you feel superior to black people to misquote what was reported and keep the misinformation ongoing?
Where in the world does that hatred come from? The hatred that blinds you and causes you to make things up. This is a perfect example of how when two trustees and their electrician keep screaming that the sky is falling and giving misinformation- people like you lap it up and thrive on the hatred.
Soon enough someone will read your comment and swear Calvin Walker charged $25,000.00 for repairs and will not give a rip about where the information came from. The cycle will continue until the hatred ceases.... Misinformation and people talking without facts....

Excuse me? I resent the race

Excuse me? I resent the race card argument. You don't even know what color I am. I don't care what color someone is. That "oh me" attitude offends many hard working black people that consistently deliver outstanding products and services. I believe they would much rather let their work speak for itself. Throw that card at someone else, it doesn't make up for work one should be ashamed of.

Find, ding, ding...we have a

Find, ding, ding...we have a winner for the first poster to mention race. Darn, that took longer than usual. Make things up, is that what you really think? We have the facts. Also, Dwayne has not been involved much. He stepped in on this as a favor to me and Tom. And he provided the information we suspected. I tell you what, meet me with an electrician of your choice at the campus and we will get a second opinion. Oh, wait...that would mean you would have to reveal who you are and we all know that will not happen.

Let me challenge you to an

Let me challenge you to an honest exchange of ideas.
You seem very worried about who I am. Have Duayne Hermann admit that he knew about the sealed indictments publicly and that he knew that the judge was going to be switched in the case and have him tell which US Attorney told him this and other information and you will not have to worry yourself any longer about who I am.
Feign your dissapointment and try to ridicule people all you wish... watching what you have done to Calvin Walker is enough for me to keep in the background unless I am called to testify in a US court of law.
I for one hope that the truth comes out and I am called to testify to what I know in court... That should make you confident in our system of justice or were you given similar information by federal officials???? Of course you aren't worried about this and you think people like Calvin should not have rights. I think WE KNOW WHAT YOU ARE LIKE!!!

First of all, I do t really

First of all, I do t really care who you are. Nothing personal.

Second, your problem with Dwayne is exactly that, your problem. Let me ask you a question. You keep bringing up that he knew about the change of judges in the Walker case. When was there a change of judges? I don't remember that. You could be right, I just don't recall that situation.

What have I done to Calvin? My job as a trustee is to provide oversight. In light of the fact that I think the district provides no management of Walker's charges, I have taken it upon myself to make sure the wrong doing is stopped. I will stop when he does the right thing according to his contract. Again, I will share what I know with you at any time.

As far as information from the Feds, I received none and asked for none. I let the system do its job. I was disappointed when there was a hung jury, but that is the way it worked out. All my concerns are about what has not even been looked into as of yet.

Just in case you are

Just in case you are wondering.... your story does seem to shift the more you talk. You and Tom asked Duayne Hermann to come out to inspect Walker's work because you trusted him so much and then later you claim to have just met the man three months ago and you trust him because so many speak highly of him.... The first version and insinuation of asking Hermann out is different than the second version.
You claim here never to have received information from the feds and then in another blog you are stating that the US Attorney told you that the BISD love of Walker was going to be hard to overcome. I think in the BISD meeting of October 18, 2012 you (or Tom but it was one of you) mentioned the vote of the jurors on the case and stated that you had discussions with the US Attorney.... it seems reasonable to wonder if the US Attorney told you this or was the jury polled and that placed on the record? My point is your conversations with the US Attorney seem to cover a lot of ground and it makes me wonder if perhaps sensitive information isn't being discussed and yet here you state that you received no information from the feds. The exchange of your ideas with the feds and hearing what they believe I would think is receiving information from the feds....
Since you have taken upon yourself to make sure wrongdoing is stopped- please look into the leaks in the Walker case from the US Attorney and the FBI. If you wish to share information at any time, I want to mention that it is imperative to present the information in the most honest way possible without slanting it against Walker or changing your story.
Duayne told me in 2011 that the TEA was going to take over BISD because they were investigating all those ______ at the same time he told me that the DEA was also helping in the investigation prior to the indictments being unsealed. I wonder if the same thing is going to happen again. People for whatever reason keep running to the TEA and insinuating that Walker is going to be found guilty of something and then all that happens is nothing. Six months after that would come out the cycle will repeat itself... I wonder what is going on and who is doing this for what reasons.
What I find interesting is how you claim to be so honest and yet as soon as you are asked about the discrepancies in your claims, you clam right up. You wish to blog and completely destroy someone and make inflammatory statements about the other trustees and you provide absolutely no proof. When asked about your conversations with the US Attorney- you dissappear quickly. I wonder why. I hope the other trustees read this article and start asking very obvious questions as to why this is going on.
I also wonder about slander. Do the other trustees have to keep getting attacked and have their reputations sullied. I highly doubt there are many places where one person can say the derogatory things you have said without any proof. I suspect that the other trustees are rather tired of your constant allegations as well as the new super and the attorney. If you think you were elected to keep an attack going against these people and hide behind the cover of doing what you are supposed to do and honesty- then start being honest about who in the federal government is influencing you to keep after Walker.... invite them to talk at the BISD meeting. I believe you or Tom in the October meeting were trying to insinuate that all of the other trustees were afraid to have the US Attorney come and speak to the board. Did it ever occur to you that they just don't think the man was honest and didn't want to hear what he had to say?

Hermann was bragging before

Hermann was bragging before the sealed indictments were made public that the judge would be switched from Heartfield (I believe I have the spelling correct) to another judge that would make sure Walker received a harsher sentence. The judge who got the case after Heartfield was Clark.
This should concern an elected official and a trustee who was elected to represent our American form of government. Hermann is not a problem to me- he is indicative of a threat to our form of justice. You keep ignoring that brave men have fought and died so that all men receive the rights afforded to us under our government... how convenient is the way you gloss over this and keep relying on Hermann and his opinions. This doesn't bother you at all and you seem eager to forgive this injustice... where is the same compassion for Walker?
In the October 18, 2012 BISD meeting, the two trustees Neil and Nield kept repeating what the US Attorney was saying. One of the two stated that nine people voted guilty and three voted innocent. I doubt that nine people failed to understand what Clark explained very clearly and I wonder why this was quoted as fact. The US Attorney told me that the reason that the case failed is that BISD would not admit to being a victim- I don't think that is the case at all. The case failed because they could not prove that Calvin Walker stole anything or frauded anyone. The two of you are shouting as loud as you can that you are a victim and want money returned. The others don't seem to agree. You couldn't get your way and have continued in your quest for perverted justice and Walker's rights be darned.
As far as the City failing a temporary campus- I am not sure that the City was stating that Walker's work failed at all and I think there were other agendas at play. This doesn't seem to concern you either. I think that the way you keep hammering away at this, the truth will eventually come out and it may not be to your liking.... nor the federal officials who violated Walker's rights.

Please tell me what injustice

Please tell me what injustice I have overlooked? Is it that someone talked about what they knew was going to happen? How is that a concern of mine? As far as compassion for Walker, I stated before the trial that Walker deserved a fair trial and I believed that. I was disappointed on the outcome, but accepted it. I was even more disappointed that the second trial did not take place. I think the plea deal was a joke and probably politically motivated.

As far as men dying for our rots, I have more respect than you know. Exactly what right was Calvin not afforded. He received a fair trial didnt he?

BISD was a victim in my mind. The U S Attorney was correct that BISD claiming their love for Calvin was a huge thing to overcome. Dr. Thomas's glowing recommendation of Calvin and his work was a joke and a slap in the face to all tax payers. The other trustees disagree with us because I think they feel they owe it to Calvin to back him because he did not sing like a bird. There is no doubt in my mind that there was involvement inside of BISD in the fraud he committed. He could not do it on his own.

The city did say that Walker's work failed. He didn't even use the correct wiring. You keep talking about the truth coming out. Is there some kind of lawsuit coming our way? Trust me, the truth will be coming out soon. The cover up will be exposed.

So the US Attorney told you

So the US Attorney told you that BISD's love for Calvin was going to be hard to overcome.... what else did he tell you???? It seems as if you and the US Attorney were on the very same page.
No wonder that you have no problem with Duayne Hermann being told information prior to the indictments being unsealed..... You seem to have been getting very similar input from this US Attorney you refer to.
I hope that at the next board meeting when you provide the people of Beaumont with all of the proof you have of the black trustees being on the take that you also tell them which US Attorney told you that the BISD's love of Calvin was going to be hard to overcome. Maybe it was printed in the paper this opinion of teh US Attorney that the BISD's love of Calvin was going to be hard to overcome....
I may be mistaken here, but it seems to me that the US Attorney was just talking and talking to some people. I wonder if that is a normal course of business. I don't remember if you were listed as a complaintant in the case against Walker.... Maybe they just like talking and discussing things with you.

So the US Attorney told you

So the US Attorney told you that BISD's love for Calvin was going to be hard to overcome.... what else did he tell you???? It seems as if you and the US Attorney were on the very same page.
No wonder that you have no problem with Duayne Hermann being told information prior to the indictments being unsealed..... You seem to have been getting very similar input from this US Attorney you refer to.
I hope that at the next board meeting when you provide the people of Beaumont with all of the proof you have of the black trustees being on the take that you also tell them which US Attorney told you that the BISD's love of Calvin was going to be hard to overcome. Maybe it was printed in the paper this opinion of teh US Attorney that the BISD's love of Calvin was going to be hard to overcome....
I may be mistaken here, but it seems to me that the US Attorney was just talking and talking to some people. I wonder if that is a normal course of business. I don't remember if you were listed as a complaintant in the case against Walker.... Maybe they just like talking and discussing things with you.

I can assure you that when

I can assure you that when the time is right I will gladly stand and look you in the eyes and let you know all of the truth and not the misinformation that you have been given.
Duayne Hermann was involved plenty. Read the newspaper stories where he bragged about talking to the FBI for hours. You used him then and you will use him now. When Duayne was wagging his tongue about leaks in the case and the sealed indictments before they came out and describing how he felt about black people- I would describe that as racism. If you don't think that men- all men including black men should expect the government to abide by a set of moral standards- I would suspect racism. You can poke fun all you wish and deny it. The sad fact of the matter is that this has become all about race.
You wish to ignore and minimize the fact that Duayne, the FBI, and the US Attorney trounced on Calvin Walker's guaranteed rights as the accused and that helps explain you and your motives. The fact that Duayne knew all that he did and claimed it was from the US Attorney and the FBI directly tells me that the investigation was flawed and corrupted.
You will not bully people for long.... the truth will come out. Truth has a way of setting things in a right perspective and tends to expose those with evil intents. Keep trying to mock Calvin and working people into a frenzy against him as they parrot you- you are exposing yourself for what you truly are.

The "misinformation" that I

The "misinformation" that I have been given is in black and white. What I have also shows how he continues to fleece this district, and the taxpayers, to this day. It can't be denied by you or anyone else. Since you don't know what I have, how can you tell me I have nothing?

I do expect the government, and individuals, to abide by a set of moral standards. I don't care what color they are. My probing into the Walker situation is not contained to the actions of just blacks. It includes the actions of whites also. Nobody seems to care about that.

You say I used Dwayne then, which is interesting considering that I met the man for the first time at a grocery store about 3 months ago. You seem to really be hanging on Dwayne's conversations with the Feds. Those were his conversations, not mine. If you have a problem with him, have it with him.

You say I am exposing myself for what I really am, why don't you just spell out what you think I am. As far as the truth revealing itself, I am ready for that to happen. are you?

Duayne Hermann who knew about

Duayne Hermann who knew about the indictments before they were unsealed and who knew the judge would be switched is a problem. US Attorney Robert Hobbs knew Hermann for years as did the other trustee. Now you claim to have met him three months ago and yet previously you implied that you trusted his opinion as if it were the absolute truth. It never occured to you that the man could have an axe to grind with Walker because he is a competitor and because he is privy to inside knowledge about federal investigations and prosecutions dealing with Walker???? Really? If you are using this man as your trusted source of information, I'd say the problem is your decision making ability and not just with him. Why not have the City Inspector go on record and state his problem with Walker's work or would that not have made a story and kept the pot of hatred brewing?
Of course I want the truth to come out.
If this story in the Examiner had been honest it would have been titled "Competitor of Walker privy to insider knowledge of the prosecution offers his critique of Walker's work after accepting an invitation to do so from the trustees". That would have been more fair and a lot less disingenuous....

You really seem to be hung up

You really seem to be hung up on Dwayne having an inside scoop on the Walker situation. Whether that is true or not has nothing to do with me. II honestly do not know what that has to do with anything.

I did state that I trust Wayne although I've only known him for 3 months personally. Some people that I'm very close to know him very well and speak very highly of him. Sometimes that is all that I need to know until someone proves me wrong.

As far as him offering a critique of Calvin's work, I've already said once that the only reason we brought him out there was to let us know what he would have charged for the job that was done. As I suspected it was much less. Calvin charge $7,300 and Duane would have charged less than $3000. That is all that I need to know. I wonder what we would find if we were to take him to Central High School and give us the cost of changing out bulbs and ballasts in the parking lot lights? I might just have to do that sometime next week.

Duayne Hermann

Mr. Neil and Mr. Neild,
The Duayne Hermann you used is not a City Inspector and has lied about Calvin before. Hermann is a competitor of Calvin Walker who has had a personal beef with the man for years. This is a man who told me that he knew that the sealed indictments were coming down prior to the indictments being made public. He stated that the DEA and the TEA were used in the Walker investigation and he stated that the federal judge would be switched in the Calvin Walker case prior to trial. He stated that he was told all of this information (and more) by the US Attorney and by the FBI.
When in a federal investigation do you believe it is alright for federal officials to tell a competitor of a person under investigation details that should not be revealed. EVER.
You mock Calvin on his knowledge of City codes because of Duayne Hermann and yet you believe that the federal officials investigating Calvin on false charges were innocent of wrong doing during the investigation. You three obviously believe that the federal justice system is a game and there are no protocals for professional conduct. I hope that the federal officials will look at their own misconduct and hold themselves accountable as well as Duayne Hermann and others helping him.

Dwayne was not brought out to

Dwayne was not brought out to Doom as a city inspector. We asked him to meet us and tell us what it should cost to do the job. He pointed out the violations on his own. We asked hi. Because he is someone we know and trust. He would be the first to tell us if the amount charged is appropriate. You may not trust him but we do.

As far as someone who has lied about Calvin, I am unaware of any lies. Please do not confuse the inability of 12 jurors to find a man guilty with the man actually not being guilty. Also, I think Wayne has a professional beef with Calvin, not personal. In fact I have yet to meet an electrician who does not have a beef with Calvin, and they are far from envious of his "success".

NOW SHOWING! The Great Heist...Staring Calvin Walker as himself

What a sad day for Beaumont when a man who has already ripped the kids off for two million dollars, wants to steal even more! Shame on you Calvin Walker! You're the sick individual here. It's time to move on, let someone who is honest and has integrity do the work for our district. That dark cloud that follows you is from your wrong doings! Try giving back to your community. Instead, it's as though you're constantly trying to find ways to be dishonest. You'll never find peace! The bucket trucks want help you reach heaven! He's watching you!!! We all are watching you! Good luck my man.

Oops! Starring Calvin

Oops! Starring Calvin Walker...

Calvin in Court

And I will be parked on the front row in that courtroom to watch you standing before that judge. I can't wait :-)

From your lips to god's ears

From your lips to god's ears Calvin Walker.

Need to Send Walker back to court!!

All I can say is YES I would love for you to be taken back to court Mr. Walker!! You took the cowards way out the last time and you should not be working on anything that has any children even going close to! All I can say at this point is your day will come and you will pay for your greed I just hope its soon!

Trust me Calvin, I have no

Trust me Calvin, I have no doubt that you will be standing in front of a federal judge before your probation is over with. It is just a question of when and what for.

Mike, I have no problem

Mike, I have no problem addressing you and your lying issues, just wish you can leave the kids out of it. You and Tom went out of your way to try and get those kids fruit stand shut down in an effort to try and make my work seem unsafe. How can ya'll live with yourselves. You are dragging everybody down with you. (SO SAD) You get this trash paper to lie and say I charged 7000.00 for a receptacle, You get Dwayne Hermann who "DON''T WISH TO BE IDENTIFIED" to say the work was shoddy and he would have charged 3000.00 for the job. Personally, I believe even 3000.00 is too much for a receptacle. You knew that the awning on the building was installed after I had vacated the property, which took away the 8ft. Clearance you are speaking about, the same as what you did at Sallie Curtis and South Park.
I will deal with Ya'll, but please, leave the kids alone and let them learn.


Leave the kids out?

I find it ironic that you accuse others of exploiting the kids in their attempt to have an unsafe location shut down, when it's you who consistently leaves the kids "out of it" by not giving one thought to their safety as you line your pockets while lining electricity.

As I understand it, the goal of the fact finding mission was about cost and not about safety. As an extra added bonus, the location was also found to be unsafe. Shame on you, Mr. Walker, for consistently putting the children in danger.

Your red herring of trying to direct attention away from your bad workmanship and unsafe practices to your mythology that Neil and Neild were out there to shut down the stand is typical of your failed attempts to divert attention away from the real issuem which is that you are a common criminal unconcerned about safety and only interested in bilking BISD out of as much money as possible.

Leave the Kids Alone, Calvin??

That's a 'rich' comment coming from the likes of you, Calvin! If you were so worried about the 'kids' - knowing that these kids are EARNING the money to operate this stand, you would have GIVEN your time, material and labor to have this job done and DONE RIGHT! Then you would have had a smooth $7000.00 (or probably $70,000 knowing how YOU calculate your taxes) charitable donation to write off this year.

You might want to watch what you wish for Calvin, back to FEDERAL COURT may not end so nicely for you.

Just sayin...

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