BISD's Walker Electric costs district thousands

Calvin Walker

When the Beaumont Independent School District’s Odom Middle School opened a student-operated fruit stand to show the pupils the value of a hard-earned dollar and the reward of providing organic food offerings to the public at a reasonable cost, the effort was heralded by a community appreciative of the service. That service has now been threatened since the school district’s electrician of record, Calvin Walker, billed the district in excess of $7,000 to provide simple wiring to the school’s fruit stand but failed to garner approval from the city of Beaumont’s building codes inspector before declaring the project a done-deal.

Expert analysis of the fruit stand project by local electricians state that the job was not only done improperly, but also at a rate more than double what it’s worth. To add insult to injury, the fruit stand has now been closed pending city of Beaumont code approval, and the school’s fruit stand operator said the students are still in the process of seeking roughly $6,000 to complete the campus project.

‘Friend’ prices

After saving up to buy a used portable building from a now-defunct Beaumont business, Odom Middle School advisor Will Humber and his agriculture students embarked on a mission to convert the old shaved-ice stand into an air-conditioned fruit stand for use in selling the products of the campus garden.

In April, BISD officials sanctioned district electrician Calvin Walker to piggy-back some electricity from a nearby campus building to the small fruit stand. According to a permit to perform the work filled out at the city of Beaumont by Walker’s wife and business partner, Stacy, the electricians were going to perform commercial service and install one outlet, switch or receptacle. After billing for more than 100 man-hours, rental use of the company’s bucket truck, material, and a 10 percent markup, the total cost for Walker to provide the outlet was $7,300.

A paid invoice from BISD shows that Walker’s company received a request to perform the Odom project April 9, with work commencing at the site April 20. Within 10 days, according to the invoice, the job was complete. In that time, Walker billed for three electrical laborers, each making $60 an hour for 14 hours; two laborers each earning $45 an hour for 32 hours apiece; $1,000 to rent his bucket truck for eight hours; more than $700 for materials; and a $175 charge to provide the materials. A call to Walker’s Electric for a breakdown of the costs was not answered.

A separate Southeast Texas electrician reviewed the project, however, and did give a breakdown of the costs that should have been incurred to provide service to the fruit stand and also pointed out the problems in the job Walker performed at the campus that could have caused the facility not to pass city of Beaumont muster.

“At the high end, trade service pricing came to about $3,000 for that job,” the electrician advised. “No way could you charge more than that. That includes about 18 man hours to do it all, and $325 a day for a lift (truck.)”

According to the electrician, the Walker project wasn’t even worth the $3,000 high-end quote. He said, the “service mast is not tied back properly, the wiring is supposed to be 8 feet above the porch, the weather head has blue wire nuts – probably not a legal connection, the tie back is wrapped around the wire and should have been secured to the building (and) not the conduit, and no main breaker in the panel at the stand – it shouldn’t be in use or passed for inspection by the city.”

The expert who quoted electrical pricing for The Examiner elected not to be named but was called to inspect the Odom fruit stand work after a Beaumont city code inspector arrived to investigate why the fruit stand was open without the proper electrical permitting.

Odom agriculture advisor Humber said he was unaware of any problems with the electrical wiring when questioned by the city inspector Tuesday, June 25. “I had no idea,” he reiterated, to which the city inspector offered up a point of contact who had been informed there were problems that needed to be addressed before the city would approve the construction.

“We told Mr. Walker,” the city inspector advised. Humber walked the inspector through the small portable building before arriving at the decision to shut down the fruit stand until the electrical power confusion could be straightened out.

“(The inspector) didn’t say we had to close,” Humber said. “But he did have some concerns and I wouldn’t feel comfortable having my kiddos in there until everything is all straightened out.”

The electrician called to Odom to review Walker’s work said, in his opinion, the work was shoddy, but no students were likely in harm’s way.

“I wouldn’t say they’re in any danger, but the work’s not done right,” he said. “These kids still need more money to finish this project, and it’s a shame they can’t get it from the district. The money is there; it just got given to the wrong place.”



The Anonymous who's hung up on Duyane:

Can you explain why are you still stuck on the Duyane thing? It doesn't matter WHO found the violations at Odom. What matters is that there ARE violations. Any electrician who knows his business would have found them ... which obviously Calvin didn't (or didn't care).

Your arguments about "who" are a diversion from the fact that he has too often performed shoddy work that is way over priced, and you are attempting to place the blame that should be placed squarely on Walker's shoulders onto someone else. If the work had been done correctly in the first place, The Examiner article wouldn't even exist.

Forget Duyane and move on!

to Anonymous

WTH........Walker was not found innocent.....period. There was a mistrial. Not being found guilty does not make you innocent. It was a mistrial and instead of wasting tax payers dollars because of the restrictions put on the prosecution about the contract it was fruitless to go to another trial. A plea deal was made. HE WAS NOT FOUND INNOCENT. Go read the entire plea deal......I do not care who this would have been whether black, white, Hispanic, Asian, of other. If you are a fraud you are a fraud. Calvin Walker stole millions from the citizens of Beaumont. He does not need to be doing business with BISD. How about you name the electrician and I will personally pay them for their time to go out to Odom and asses the situation and tell us what he/she thinks.

You are guilty

D Henderson,
Since we are throwing out the presumption of innocence then I assume you are guilty. I accuse you of heinous crimes against humanity. You are guilty because you were not found innocent. (*sarcasm*)

Submitting a guilty plea bargin is an admission of GUILT

Just saying.

BISD's Walker Electric costs district thousands

Passes 4 to 2, or 4 to 3, or 4 to 1, NEXT

"Anonymous" is a veiled curtain you hide behind.

Dear Anonymous,

"Anonymous" is a veiled curtain that you hide behind. I don't buy one single answer you gave to my questions. The Great and Powerful Oz also stood behind a veiled curtain, so when you are ready to step from behind your curtain, let me know. I'm not sure I understand your reservations about this, because all of the information you have spoken here will serve no purpose in the future. The Walker case is over and he already signed the agreement, in which he, undisputedly, admitted his guilt. Your privileged and secret knowledge is moot.

According to his plea agreement that he signed under section 4b, the records of BISD "included in the wholesale invoices was an invoice for $382,975.32 which had been altered to reflect it was an invoice, when actually the document was a quote and not an actual purchase."

It goes on to state that "similar altered documents from the same electrical supplier matching invoices submitted by the defendant for materials in other projects."

Then, in that same agreement, Walker agrees to this ... "I fully understand the contents of the Factual Basis and Stipulation and agree without reservation that it accurately describes the events and my acts."

It is dated July 17, 2012 and signed by none other than Calvin Walker.

Now, the actual thing they stuck him on was tax evasion, and I understand that. However, as recorded above, he admits that he submitted false invoices, that resulted in over billing the district. In most books that is fraud. Fraud is defined as "a false representation of a matter of fact—whether by words or by conduct, by false or misleading allegations, or by concealment of what should have been disclosed—that deceives and is intended to deceive another so that the individual will act upon it to her or his legal injury."

He willingly signed an agreement in which he not only admitted guilt to tax evasion, but stated that all in the contents of the FB and S "without reservation ... accurately describes the events and my accounts."

Therefore, it doesn't really matter what Dewayne or Duyane knew in advance, which is the point your are stuck on. Your argument on that contention has no basis regarding the fact that Walker freely admitted that he did the deeds. It has been proven multiple times that he works without permits, works (and has worked) without a valid license, over bills, and does shoddy work on top of it all. This brings me to the conclusion that he should NOT be the electrician for BISD.

Call him what you will based on whatever conclusion that you come to, but a fraud is exactly that ... a fraud!

First of all fraud is fraud

First of all fraud is fraud and it is fairly easy to prove in court. No I am not a lawyer (different from the other blogger), but I for one think it is vital that the government is honest when they try to put someone in prison for a possible 460 years. You can disagree all you wish and that is your right. I don't think I have disputed that at all. What I do have a problem with is all of the hatred and conspiracy theories that every black trustee and the attorney are all corrupt and covering for Walker.... These common people on the Board at BISD are all so intelligent that they have pulled a fast one over the US Attorney and the FBI????? I'm not questioning their intelligence- just trying to show how extremely hard that would be to pull off.
Talk about an unlikely conspiracy. Sometimes people disagree and sometimes they have differing views of what has been going on- that doesn't make them crooks. I think it would be shocking to see the amount of money spent by the government to prosecute and investigate Walker and it may be just as shocking to see the list of federal agencies that were looking into and digging into the whole mess and not one trustee was implicated in any fraud nor was the attorney.
To continue the mudslinging is not helping BISD. If someone has information on fraud, they should be able to take it to the authorities and let them see where it stands- not just get mad and complain to the FBI about an opinion and start in denigrating people. Civility just needs to reign.
I don't think people mind disagreeing, it is the anger and vitriol that make things get out of hand.
You think Walker shouldn't be the electrician and that is respectable. Please don't make the mistake of thinking everyone is evil that disagrees with you. With all of the child molestors and and horrible crimes being committed daily, to keep wasting energy on anger is pretty pointless. I do respect your opinion. All I ask is that you respect others who disagree....



I never said or implied that anyone who disagrees with me is evil. I'm really not sure how you got that. I was explaining/defending my opinions just as you did. If it came off, that way it was never my intention.

The facts are the facts. This is why I quoted directly from Walker's plea agreement. The things he indicated his guilt on are much more than just tax evasion.

I have heard too many people claim that they have read or seen nothing that would lead them to believe Walker is guilty of anything. That rhetoric is false and needs to stop. The only board member, and you can add Butch and Chargois to that list, who has ever admitted Walker was guilty of anything was Gwen Ambres ... once! She said he was only guilty of tax evasion, and then she added that if anyone in that packed board had NOT cheated on their taxes, we could clear the room. (Excuse me? I know that's not true for me, but in saying that she virtually admitted her own guilt.)

As for your statement that I shouldn't think that all of the board members were corrupt (in the first pragraph of your reply), does that mean that some may be? That was a curious statement.

I wasn't actually referring

I wasn't actually referring to you in the singular. The mudslinging and name calling though is tiresome. I think the anger has to stop.
Gwen Ambres was making a point about taxes in general and yet you want to say she is admitting guilt.... please stop the silliness. I understood her to be saying that a large number of people have fudged on their taxes and as an adult, I have heard from countless friends and aquaintances who have done exactly that. Keeping receipts for gas and claiming it was for business when it wasn't, exaggerating charity donations, etc... I am sure many other adults have heard people say the same thing and yet because of all the heated rhetoric- all of a sudden she is admitting guilt...
Should all Americans start turning in their friends who have made statements like that or suggesting that they are guilty of something??? That is my point that this starts to sound like a country where telling on commrades about insignificant things is appreciated and encouraged. Has 911 brought us to this point?
Interesting to think that the country was founded partially because of the resentment of heavy taxation and look at us today. Do you think we should call the IRS and have Gwen Ambres investigated for her almost admission of guilt?
I do believe that you and many others are very scrupulous about their taxes as am I. However I do know that the vast majority of people in this country will fudge or exaggerate to lessen their tax burden and it has been shown to be true in numerous polls. If people stopped trying to find problems where there are none, I think BISD will have a chance to do some good things, if not- I think they will disentigrate into more of a mess than they are currently in because of the hatred and insults that fly around.

She did not say Gwen was

She did not say Gwen was guilty of tax evasion. She was saying that Gwen was admitting what Calvin pled guilty to. O other trustee would even do that.

BTW, your example of gas receipts pales in comparrison to Walker not claiming $1.6 million on his taxes. He said his accountant did not add that check to his income. Are we really supposed to believe that he is so out of touch with his business that he failed to recognize $1.6 million missing from his annual revenues? Please do not compare his situation with people who "fudge" on their taxes.

You mistaken our resolve to be hatred, which is a shame. We are not trying to find problems where they do not exist. What we are looking at are real problems that, for some reason, some people are willing to turn their head on. My thought is they are willing to turn their head because Walker is a black man and that is okay with them. Now, don't jump on me for saying that because it is no different than people saying we are after Walker because he is black.


Thank you, Mike. You are absolutely correct.

AND this is not the "anonymous" to whom my questions were directed in the post that act for answers. Where is that guy??? I think you said his name was Stephens or Stevens? He seems to have gone MIA.

Wonder why?

Bailed after his name popped

Bailed after his name popped up I guess

Hey, how did you know I was Mike? lol

Regarding this thread, it is

Regarding this thread, it is obvious that more than one person is using the nom de plume, "Anonymous". Would the moderator please require that real names be used in order to comment? Thank you.


Paranoid much? So when two different people can see the same common thread within these comments; that is Calvin Walker was found innocent of 37 charges of fraud, yet the majority of replies believe Mr. Walker is still guilty, then those two must be the same?

Do some research. He was

Do some research. He was never found innocent.

Presumed Innocent

The presumption of innocence, sometimes referred to by the Latin expression Ei incumbit probatio qui dicit, non qui negat (the burden of proof lies with who declares, not who denies), is the principle that one is considered innocent until proven guilty. The 37 counts of fraud were dropped because the prosecution could not prove guilt (read the judges instruction to the jurors). Therefore Calvin Walker was innocent before the trial and is innocent after the trial. Don't make me do your homework for you again.

Dear Perplexed, I am not

Dear Perplexed,
I am not sure if you have figured out yet that the presumption of innocence does not apply when one has been charged with 37 counts of fraud and also happens to be a black male from Southeast Texas. This idea is ridiculed and laughed at and if anyone actually believes something this arcaic, they happen to be idiots or crooks. Thank you for the latin lesson though!

I guess not


I suppose you are right because why else would certain people be so adamant that Calvin Walker is guilty when he has not been proven so in a court of law? I would think if this were in the old west that certain people would have already taken the law into their own hands and pronounced sentence and executed their own judgement. Thank goodness the law still works!
It makes me wonder what is the agenda by this "lynch mob" because it certainly isn't justice. These postings also reminds me of a scripture passage "And why seest thou the mote that is in thy brother' s eye; and seest not the beam that is in thy own eye?" Matt. 7:3

What you confuse is the legal

What you confuse is the legal aspect and the business aspect. Calvin was not found guilty in court. However, from a business standpoint, the fact that he admitted to submitting quotes as if they were invoices and accepted payment for them is enough for most people to never want to do business with him again. In my position, I do to need him to be found guilty to make me want to cut ties from him. All I need to see is his invoices and other paperwork to make that decision.

Let me ask you a question. When the city said we had to rewire the temporary campuses, all the electrical lines were run through conduit on the ground. When Calvin took out all the electrical wiring when the campuses were closed down, he charged the district $20,000 for bucket truck rental for just one campus. That is 160 hours of bucket truck time. Why would it take 160 hours of bucket truck use to take electrical line from the GROUND? I am sure some was needed for a few things, but 160 hours?

Can you think of a reason for this? I can't and the district has refused to give any reason why the person in charge of electrical work in the district would actually sign off on this or why the business office would even cut the check.

Please share your thoughts on this with us.

Who approved

I could care less of the business aspect since we are talking about an innocent man being railroaded?
Who approved the invoices Calvin submitted? Regardless whether the $20,000 for the bucket truck was legitimate, WHO APPROVED OF THE INVOICES? It would be similar to me quoting you $10,000 to put a 110V outlet in your house. Even though the quote is outrageous if you review the bid and then pay it who is to blame? I'm sure your bosom buddy (Mr. Hermann) wouldn't have charged that amount either? :o)
The simple solution would be to not renew Mr. Walker's contract if his prices are so outrageous. I guess the judge believed Calvin could still perform work for BISD.

We are not talking about an

We are not talking about an innocent man being railroaded, we are talking about a contractor who continues to rape our school district and is allowed to get away with it. BTW, I am concerned about the business aspect because we do business with Calvin, no use him to teach.

I 100% agree with your question about who approved the charges. That is what I I tend to find out. There is no doubt that ethereal is involvement inside the district. Whether they receive money, or just turn their head because they are instructed to, it is wrong.

I don't buy into the thought that it is not his fault if BISD agrees to pay for it. It is fraud if he charges for more hours than were worked or charges for equipment rental that was not used. He has a legal contract with the district.

What is sad is people like you who make excuses for him. Some have told me that it is a culture thing that I do not understand. Some have said that it is because many applaud a black man that has "gotten his" or beat the system. I say that it does not matter. Wrong is wrong.

Perplexed, It may not be your


It may not be your concern to worry about the business aspect of Walker's and BISD's dealings (as evidenced by their repeated renewing of his contract), but it is Mr. Neil's. He is a board member who is working in the best interest of the district and students. He takes his job very seriously because of it.

People who think like you still don't get the fact that every dollar we pay for shoddy work or have been bilked out of by Walker is money out of the same coffers that pays for the education of BISD students. In all of this hubbub about Walker, never have you defended the children. Never!

If you would focus on the children, you wouldn't be so adamant about contracting with a man who was found guilty of tax evasion of millions of dollars and does shoddy work that he over bills for. If the board members were focused on the children, Walker would not even be a topic of discussion because he would be gone. They, like you, SHOULD worry about a district diving toward insolvency head first with eyes closed, instead of hiring a man who has been proven to have a shady character time and time again, robbing the district of money that should have been marked for the kids.

Yet, these board members continue to rehire him and you continue to defend him regardless of these facts, and they ARE facts. This is why we want to replace those that continue to hire Walker. They are directly responsible for overseeing the finances of the district, by definition of their elected duties, a fact that seems to have been lost by board president, Reece, et al.

Stop making this about color and make it about our children, the future of all of our tomorrows.

Do your own homework. The

Do your own homework. The Feds dropped the... Never mind, you know the story. You just tell it the way you do because it is easier for you to defend Calvin.

Odd how you post that someone

Odd how you post that someone is taking shots at you when you have no problem describing the black trustees in support of Walker and anyone else as idiots, corrupt, on the take or covering for someone... or people who may be in support of Melody Chappel as clueless and revel in the denigration of your own attorney... it does seem as if you have taken a large number of "shots" at people in order to besmirch their charcter and reputations... but, that is the way I see it.
I think that your bragging about the other trustees wanting to take you to the DA in the executive sessions is rather telling. I wouldn't mistake their tolerance of your abuse as weakness though, but again, that is just me. Feel free to do as you wish. I know that I would not desire to be around you at the board meetings or in session and rather than disturbing you- it seems to fill you with pride and you know what they say about pride....

People have taken shots at me

People have taken shots at me for 3 years. I have told many that is what happens when you are outspoken.

Thank you for allowing me to do as I wish because Jim think I will continue to do so.

US Attorney

I hope that Mr Neil can understand that the US Attorney more than likely should not be giving out inside information in a case- I would think any case.
I understand why he believes Duayne Hermann knowing about the sealed indictments and the switching of judges prior to the unsealing of the indictments is not a problem when he stated that he got his information from the FBI and the US Attorney. He was being told information about the Walker case by a US Attorney. It does seem as if the US Attorney Office here in Beaumont has kept the pot stirred up against Calvin Walker and it makes me wonder why.
I do appreciate Mr. Neil's zest for the truth, but using a competitor of Walker's to denigrate the work performed is not very fair and then to call the trustees who supported Walker all crooks or on the take doesn't seem very reasonable. I can speak for myself and state that I never took a dime from anyone and I support Calvin Walker fully. It seems that the blog atmosphere that has been stirred up suggests that anyone who supports the man is on the take and I think that is hogwash.
May I suggest that you do publicly tell the other board members at the next board meeting which US Attorney told you what you have claimed and when he told you this opinion and what else he told you. I for one find it interesting. I sincerely hope that Woodrow Reese, a fellow trustee who it seems you think is covering for Calvin Walker or on the take, sees fit to ask you at the meeting if you neglect to tell everyone.
I would also like to suggest that there may have been a lot more money stolen than you are aware of and the amounts you keep screaming about are miniscule to the amounts that were really taken by I would believe other people unrelated to Walker.
Perhaps you could start with the water lines that were laid out to where the new stadium was built and how all of that transpired. I tried to tell the FBI but unfortunately they were so transfixed on Calvin Walker, they did not want to hear it. Please ask the FBI what other information they were enlightened about and ignored, claiming that the people involved were friends and they could never do anything like that when it came to the mishandling of bond monies. It may interest you if you really want to dig into corruption of federal monies.
There is information available if your true interest is finding true corruption, but you have to take the blinders off about Calvin Walker. I tend to believe that the federal agents may have focused on Walker and completely ignored the real corruption that was going on right under their nose. I also wonder why they ignored good information on major corruption and kept the focus strictly on Walker. It almost seems as if the friendships in Beaumont are more important than finding the truth.

I will reply to several of.

I will reply to several of. Your posts all at once. Some of our replies to each other are hard to read because the column is too thin. I will reply separately to your post about racism because I want others to be able to read what I am replying to.

First of all, I did not comment and run. I have been off the blog for a day (or two). It has been a busy holiday weekend.

Second, the attorney i talked to was Michael Lockhart. No need to have Woodrow ask about this. i spoke about the conversation at a public board meeting months ago. We spoke after the plea deal was accepted, not during or before the trial as you want to make it sound. Please don't be like Jessie and add a word when quoting me so the new quote fits your argument. My previous comment was that a US attorney told me that the districts love of Calvin was hard to overcome. You turned this into the US attorney saying the love of Calvin "was going to be" hard to overcome. My comment was about a conversation I had with the US Attorney's office AFTER the trial when I was asking about wether the timeline had passed to try to get $2 million back to the district. Your rewriting what I said makes it sound like I talked to the attorneys BEFORE or DURING the trial. I never talked to anyone associated with the trial except when I met with the FBI to report additional information about Calvin. In that meeting they were extremely tight-lipped about the trial that was coming up. The way you misrepresented my conversation makes me wonder about your claims of leaks to Dwayne.

As far as me thinking the other trustees must have something to do with Calvin or are covering for someone involved, I back that opinion. However, it is strictly an opinion. Concerning their refusal to have the USAttorney help us get the $2 million back, that is irresponsible. My thought is that did not want to be publicly shown what the attorney had on Calvin. Trust me, only an idiot would hear this evidence and still think he was legit.

Who would you suggest we get to come to the Odom campus and give an opinion of what it should cost? Every electrician is a competitor of Calvin. I tell you what, I will get another one down there and let you know if the answer is any different. As far as my relationship with Dwayne, as I said, I only personally met him about 3 months ago. My trust in him is based off what others have said about him. Please point out where I said anything different about this situation.

I have no doubt that others stole from the bond money. I have never claimed otherwise. As I previously stated, Tom and I have asked for an audit before but the other trustees do not care to have one. Why would that be? We will be bringing this up again soon. Thanks for the tip on the water lines. I will look into that.

I assure you I have no blinders on about Calvin. We are pursuing everything we can as far as corruption goes. Maybe the FBI did nothing about your concerns because you gave them no proof like what was given to them about Calvin.

Finally, you insinuated that our overseeing of Calvin Walker is at someone's request. I assure you I act independent of any other person. I have the ability and personal I temerity to be my own man.


This is interesting. Since I'm not from Beaumont I googled Beaumont stadium bond and found at that in 2007 $388.6 million bond package was approved by voters.
Are you suggesting that there was fraud and theft associated with the bond money? If so it would make any accusations against Calvin Walker seem minuscule in comparison.

Nothing makes what Calvin

Nothing makes what Calvin does minuscule. However, I do believe there was much more corruption than just in that situation.

Mr. Dick Deguerin and Calvin Gary Walker

There is no conceivable way Calvin Gary Walker could afford the services of Mr. Dick Deguerin. So, the question is, who really hired and payed Dick Deguerin?

It is odd how the bloggers

It is odd how the bloggers can dream up a scenario that unknown people paid for Dick Deguerin and there is a huge coverup going on to protect Calvin Walker and those associated with him.
The truth of the matter is amazing. When Duayne Hermann was used to denigrate Walker it made me angry that a man who bragged about his inside knowledge of the prosecution on his competitor is on the attack again.
If Duayne Hermann denied the leaks or telling people that he got his information from the US Attorney and the FBI he was lying during a federal investigation and I think stands to have charges brought on him. If Bob Rawls stated that he was never told about the leaks, he is lying and I would think charges could be brought on him for lying during a federal investigation. If Scott Bauer lied that the FBI was not told about the leaks prior to the indictments being made public, he would be lying and again it would be during a federal investigation.
It seems to me that when Neil claims that the US Attorney told him that the case would have a large problem because of the love BISD had for Calvin Walker- it was disingenuous from the US Attorney. I think perhaps the feds in this case do not want anyone to actually look at how they handled the investigation and the prosecution.
Could that be the real reason that the attack is on again with Calvin Walker? The man would have to be a fool to fraud the government after he just finished a huge prosecution effort and in fact is still dealing with the effects of that prosecution. It seems to me that there are plenty of people who should be looked at right now and it is not Calvin Walker.
Could some of the people who may have lied during the investigation be encouraging the Neils and Hermanns of Beaumont to run to the TEA or any other agency so that Calvin Walker is continually denigrated and what they did is never brought to light. You already have Neil stating what the US Attorney was telling him and I am betting that he was told much more and I wonder if that may be why he is so confident in slandering the other trustees with no proof.
Justice is not a game and when people lie during a federal investigation it should be taken seriously.

You are just plain full of

You are just plain full of crap. You are nothing more than a conspiracy theorist trying to deflect the heat that is on your old buddy Calvin.

When you can find any place where I said what you claim I said, please lead me to the statement. Try posting what is actually said without words added to it to fit your agenda.

If, if, if...that is all you have. I seriously your claims about Dwayne are about as valid as your claims about me.

By all means I suspect that

By all means I suspect that you will go out of your way to protect Duayne. He knew about the sealed indictments, the switching of judges, which agencies were involved and more before the indictments were unsealed. Whether you believe me or not is really immaterial and I wouldn't expect less of you. Standing firm for a man you just met three months ago in a grocery store...
Seeing as how you doubt what I have stated- I will state that I refuse to believe that your continual denigration of Melody Chappel is warranted and I highly doubt you caught her in any lies. I also doubt your claims that the other trustees that did not agree with you are corrupt or idiots or covering for someone.
Again, your bullying act wears very thin. It seemeth that thou doth protest much and telling me that I am full of crap may be your way of trying to describe your own motives....

I like the way you think


What I hope will be revealed in the future is why Neil is still believing Calvin is guilty when a JURY found him INNOCENT of 37 charges of fraud? Why the witch hunt? Why does Neil trust a competitor of Calvin Walker, a man (Mr. Hermann) whom he met just recently? Is it possible that high ranking officials in the city were (or had been) committing fraud in connection with the BISD bond monies while Calvin Walker was being dragged through the mud on charges of fraud that could not be proven in a court of law? Does this all boil down to the Calvin Walker trial being a diversionary tactic to obscure greater amounts of fraud committed by a circle of influential friends in the city of Beaumont? Could this Mr. Hermann (competitor of Calvin Walker) have been used as a means to instigate the accusations of fraud against Calvin Walker? The more comments I read as an outside the more questions I have and the more answers I hope will be forthcoming. Anonymous, you might have the makings of a New York Bestseller on your hands.

Perplexed, Walker was never

Perplexed, Walker was never found innocent as you seem to think he was. It was a hung jury.

I trust Hermann based of of his longtime friendship with my brother and Tom Neild. He has never given me a reason to doubt him.

How any high ranking CITY official could be involved in the DISTRICT bond money is beyond me. However, if there was an involvement that you think we are covering up, why would Tom and I be calling for a full audit by an independent auditor. That does not make sense. There is no diversion. If any friend of mine was involved in defrauding the district I will go after them just like I have gone after Calvin.

Duayne Hermann was a longtime

Duayne Hermann was a longtime friend of your brother's and you met him three months ago in a grocery store and you trust him implicitly to check the work of a competitor who you must have known he had previously reported to the FBI and bragged in the local papers about repeatedly.... what an odd story. Could be true, just odd....
Why you would think dragging Duayne Hermann out to the job site was a good idea is beyond me. Duayne must have thought there were issues because he wanted to remain the unnamed electrician. Odd how he sought out the publicity before and now he wants to shy away about it.
I shall agree to not blog anymore... I think all that can be said has been said and it is now becoming repetitious. By best to your efforts at BISD and I sincerely hope that the entire district can benefit from the trustees working together for the betterment of all people....

No doubt on the repetition

No doubt on the repetition of our comments. Have a good evening.

And you point

And you point is.....what?
Calvin Walker was found not guilty of fraud.
Time will tell who will be the real culprits of fraud.

He wasn't found innocent

He wasn't found innocent either. He gave up $3.7million in a plea deal to keep from going to court again and admitted to turning in false invoices. What else do you need to know. I have even more invoices that show over billing after he took the plea. Get a clue one day.

The fact that Calvin Walker

The fact that Calvin Walker endured a trial and was not found guily of one single charge of the 37 charges against him may not prove his innocence, but the fact that all 37 charges were dropped means that he will never be found guilty. It seems as if the US Attorney doesn't tell you that someone is innocent then you feel very free to claim that someone is guilty or a crook and provide absolutely no proof.
I wonder how many people honestly believed that when a trustee held up a photo of Calvin Walker standing beside Dr. Thomas at his retirement, that was proof of anyone's guilt of anything.
I have seen photos of people standing with Barak Obama or Hillary Clinton or George Bush and I don't assume they are doing nefarious things together because of such a photo. Who would fall for a stunt like that? If that was evidence of corruption everyone who went to that retirement function should have been arrested... Now the clamor comes in on the new superintendent and he has to endure being called corrupt and worse. The man just started and probably just wants to do the best job he can and yet the constant insinuations have to wear him down- they would me.
Didn't the judge at the trial suggest that a lump sum contract is exactly that- a lump sum for a job done and invoices really aren't needed. It would be analogous to hiring a man to build a house for you and you agreed to pay him a certain sum. As long as the house met your specs, you pay him for what you agreed on and his invoices really don't matter. You really don't want to hear that he had to hire extra laborers to finish the job- you agreed on a price beforehand. I am not sure exactly why the government's case went down the toilet so hard, but I think it may have been the fact that they disregarded common sense when it came to contracts. That may have been why Clark had to instruct the jury the way he did before they began deliberations. Even had the government taken Walker to trial again, the elephant in the room was that the maintenance contract was not to be considered in the assessing of fraud and each of the 37 counts were directly tied into the maintenance contract and it would have been the same outcome as the first trial. Did the US Attorney mention that sticking point when he was telling you how the trustees in love with Calvin were going to be hard to overcome. What was going to be hard to overcome was a judge issuing a ruling that all 37 counts on Walker hinged on a maintenance contract that did not exist in any of the jobs covered by the charges.... It really isn't that complicated. All of the excuses from the US Attorney are just that- excuses.

The US Attorney never told me

The US Attorney never told me that the love of Walker was going to be hard to overcome. You added words to my statement to make it sound like I was leaked information. My comment was the they said the love of Calvin was hard to overcome, not that it was GOING to be hard to overcome. Get it right and stop trying to make something out to please your mind.

What trustee held up a picture of Thomas And Calvin at a board meeting to claim his guilt? Oh, wait, that never really happened either. Nice fabrication of the truth.

Your comment about the lump-sum contract is also off course. The judge never said that Calvin had a lump sum contract. In fact, the judge commented that the district allowed Calvin to do $3.2 million worth of work WITHOUT a contract, much less having to bid for the job. He mentioned that this violated state bidding requirements.

I asked in my comments if the

I asked in my comments if the judge had said that. I wasn't at the trial. However, I am sure that he stated that the maintenance contract was not to be used as a basis of finding Walker guilty. I understand that this is hard for you to accept, but he did.
Your conversation with the US Attorney did take place prior to sentencing and actually prior to the US Attorney attempting to change the plea deal just before sentencing.
Possibly it was a trustee describing the retirement of Dr. Thomas???? I seem to remember a trustee trying to state that Walker was seen and even photographed with Dr. Thomas. Possibly it was not at a BISD meeting. However, I do believe that did take place. Protest all you wish..... There is so much false information alleged over and over it becomes mind numbing....
Please feel free to keep explaining how everyone is corrupt on the board who doesn't believe the way you do... I find it enlightening to see how you have gotten away with it for so long and I am wondering how much longer you will continue to get away with it.

I never said everyone on the

I never said everyone on the board who disagrees with me is corrupt. As far as how long I will be able to get away with what I do, it will probably be until I leave the board. Buy some Tums if I am giving you heartburn.


Who approved of Calvin Walker's billing? Go after them after you buy yourself a clue.

I have more of clue than you

I have more of clue than you care to admit. Getting a clue we be taking your blinders off and taking a look at the facts.

As far as going after the people who cut the check, I will repeat myself that this is being done and has been done in the past.

Judge, jury, and executioner

Fortunately we have a justice system that is blind (at least supposed to be) to avoid people like yourself being judge, jury, and executioner. It would be educational for you to read the judges instructions to the jurors. You will then understand why Calvin Walker had all the 37 counts of fraud dropped and only had to admit to the federal misdemeanor of failure to pay federal income tax in a timely manner. I'm sure this enormous crime of paying in a timely manner has been committed by a few people in this country. As a result, he has forfeited $3.2 million. If I was Calvin Walker I wouldn't stop until I got all my money back.

A Healthy Community is Truthfully and Honorably Informed

Looks as though a local media source adhering to the standards of classic journalism and having an honorable desire to focus on community issues will receive the following of the community.

KUDOS to The Examiner.

What? Calvin's rights were trampled on?

Dear Anonymous,

(1) You never answered Mike Neil's questions as to what rights Calvin had that were "trampled on.

***Please respond and enlighten us!

(2) You say, "I can assure you that when the time is right I will gladly stand and look you in the eyes and let you know all of the truth and not the misinformation that you have been given."

Why wait? Why not reveal yourself and what proves Walker innocent? I have noticed that the only people who have spoken out PUBLICLY in favor of Walker are the board members (who continue to hire him ... and possibly stand to lose much, if further indictments are made), the superintendent, and a group that always speak in his favor at board meetings. Well, at least they USED to.

I have also noticed that since the TEA "desk audit" and Chargois' attempt to pull videos of past board meetings, stating that they would no longer be taped, that the large crowds that once assembled at meetings to speak in support of Walker, the board, and high administrators are virtually MIA! Is that because they've been told to stay away because of their unruly behavior, heckling everyone that spoke against BISD and calling us racists, which therefore, could be an embarrassment to the powers that be because it all would be caught on tape? Or, could it be that many, even their own constituents, are finding it increasingly impossible to defend the indefensible???"

***Please respond and enlighten us!

(3) You say that Dwayne had knowledge of changes made prior to the selection of the judge to hear the case. That is hearsay unless you can prove it ... so, in the now infamous words of Woody Reece, "Prove it."

***Please respond and enlighten us, and give your claims credence and reveal your name!

(4) You say, "An innocent man doesn't give up money to get from under the wrongful attacks made by Duayne Hermann and others... really?" Yes, really! Forget Dwayne (or Duyane) and tell us why Walker signed a plea agreement and willingly gave up that money then?

***Please respond and enlighten us again!

(5) And yet, you say "Walker was not found guilty" and our "claims are false." So, let's pick that apart. The draw by the jury and the count of how each juror voted, shows the majority of them DID find him guilty. Because the jury was hung, a final verdict was never rendered. However, someone usually takes a plea deal if they are guilty, or fear that in another trial, they will be found guilty. It DOESN'T PROVE one is NOT GUILTY, by any means.

Walker avoided another trial by jury when he chose to sign that plea agreement in which, in no uncertain terms, he ADMITS HIS OWN GUILT of FALSE INVOICES, thereby DEFRAUDING BISD!!! If his high dollar lawyer and Calvin thought he could be proven innocent, why did they take it? Wouldn't it have been better for Calvin and BISD if he would have been prove innocent? But, that's not what Calvin did, did he?

***Please respond and enlighten us.

Why? Why? Why? We have never gotten any truthful answers to these questions on Walker. So, if ANY of us are misinformed on ANY of these questions, PLEASE enlighten us all so that we can give poor Calvin a break and understand the tragic plight of Calvin, who has gotten rich on BISDs wallet, which come from all the taxpayers .... AND acknowledge the fact that HE is the one that made this about children by performing sub par work on many projects and criminally taking money that should have gone into the classrooms for the specific needs of the children.

Waiting on baited breath!

1)I have answered Neil's

1)I have answered Neil's questions about how Walker's rights were trampled on.

2)Why not reveal myself? Here is exactly why I will remain anonymous until I can speak in a court of law.
I tried to tell the FBI about the leaks in their case coming from Duayne Hermann before the indictments were unsealed and I was told that I was crazy and that I was a liar. Everything I told about Duayne knowing about sealed indictments and the other information that came from Duayne was true except for minor issues about the number of indictments coming down and I can't be sure I heard him correctly. I thought he said six or seven, but it could have been thirty six or seven. Why would they call me a liar if there was no agenda in this case and there were in fact sealed indictments about to come out.
I requested to speak to a federal judge twice in writing to let the judge know about the leaks in the case and specifically about the judge being switched and I was told that if I did speak to a judge my life would be destroyed. I took that seriously and still do. What I wonder is why that was allowed to go on. I believe Scott Bauer of the Beaumont FBI knew about the leaks well before the indictments went public as soon as I reported them and why he would handle the information I was trying to pass on the way he did is questionable.
I tried to report my suspicions to the OIG and to Eric Holder and nothing was done. If you believe for a minute that the leaks were not malicious, then I would ask you to question any attorney in the country and ask how the government should handle the information I was trying to make known to a federal judge. Being threatened is absolutely not what I think they would tell you is an appropriate response.
3) and 4) If you refuse to believe my word- realize that if I am able to testify in court, I will and that is evidence. Feel free to ridicule all you wish. I know that I have been honest. Ask Bob Rawls if he was ever told about the leaks in the case and what his response was. He told me that he did not know Duayne Hermann or know of him and this was after the newspaper articles had run with Duayne Hermann front and center. I may have butchered Hermann's last name, but I told him where Hermann lived and the name of his business. Rawls promised that he would do an investigation into the leaks and I am sure that he never did a thorough investigation. I find that highly questionable.
5) How exactly do you know how the jury voted. I never read that the jurors were polled and that became a part of the record? Is this just repeating misinformation? I suspect that would not have been a part of any record, but I am not sure.

How about you explain how Hermann knew what he did when he claimed to have gotten the information from the US Attorney and the FBI and why anyone who thought this was wrong and tried to report it was called a liar and crazy by the same FBI and then threatened for wanting to see a federal judge. If you think that is the way federal cases should be investigated- I sincerely feel sorry for you... if I was threatened to have my life destroyed- I can't imagine what they were doing to Calvin Walker and the question that still remains is why????


Walker's rights were trampled on when Hermann was informed by the US Attorney Office and the Beaumont FBI that there were sealed indictments out before they were unsealed and that the judge in the case was going to be switched. I realize this is hard for you to understand (and your friends), but the government does not have the right to do this. When Duayne Hermann has the nerve to denigrate Walker's work now being his competitor and brag to the newspaper in 2011 how much time he spent telling the FBI what Walker was up to you respect that. Here is the proof of what I have said. Ask Duayne Hermann to speak to the Examiner and answer if he knew the information I claim he knew and get that on the record.... I somehow don't think he is that brave.
The fact that you waste so much time stomping your feet screaming that Walker is guilty is sad. What I have said is that a court of law could not find him guilty and the court of public opinion has. You find it impossible to believe that with actions like I have described, the deck was stacked against Walker. My concern is not whether he is guilty or innocent- it is that the US Attorney Office and the FBI found it lawful to do what they did in the investigation. The fact that he wasn't found guilty of one charge when the government had unlimited funds to spend on the case and the fact that Walker only used one person as a defense witness besides his wife and the jury could not find him guilty tells me that something was horribly flawed in the government's case.
The reality is that you generally can't prove racism... it is one of those things that you just know is happening. One of the commenters in this thread ridiculed Calvin for running out of the back of his house. In court the FBI Agent Tim Brewer stated that guns were drawn... This seems to have been a show of force and intimidation. Was Bernie Madoff treated like that in his fraud arrest. Were any of the golden triangle doctors charged with fraud treated like that when warrants were served or is that reserved for black electricians? Keep denying what you are and all you will do is get angry at me and lash out when I have never lashed out against you. No thank you. I don't choose to have your hate in my life. Ask Duayne Hermann to go on the public record with what I suggested rather than denigrating his competitor's work. That would take nerve and I am quite sure that will never happen. Ask Bob Rawls to go on the public record with what I suggested (and Scott Bauer) rather than the US Attorney Office calling a few BISD trustees and discussing why they need to be victims.... That would be a story and then you have your proof.

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