Bomb threat at Jasper school

Bomb threat at Jasper school

Officers with the Jasper Police Department, along with the Jasper County Sheriff’s Office, the Kirbyville Police Department and the Texas Department of Public Safety, are investigating an apparently bogus bomb threat called into Parnell Elementary School on Feb. 8 and have identified a juvenile suspect in the threat, reports the department.

According to Jasper PD, a school employee received two back-to-back calls from the same number at approximately 7:15 a.m. Friday morning. On the second call, the suspect caller advised that there was a bomb at Parnell Elementary. The employee immediately notified the Jasper Independent School District administration, who then called the police department. 

At some point during this time, a female called 911 and reached the Jasper County Sheriff’s Office. She told dispatch she heard shooting and was told to leave Parnell. Officers worked together to clear the building of any suspects and then conducted a secondary search of all the classrooms, offices and outbuildings looking for any unusual packages or items where a bomb could be placed. Officers did not locate anything during the search and the school was turned back over to Jasper ISD administration.

Later the same morning, Jasper police detectives were able to identify a juvenile suspect in the bomb threat incident. The juvenile told investigators that the reason he had made the call was that he was being bullied at school and did not want to go. The School Resources Officers nor the administration had any reports from the juvenile concerning bullying, police reported. 

Juvenile probation has been notified and will be addressing the situation. The juvenile is being charged with Texas Penal Code 42.06, “False Alarm or Report,” which is a state jail felony.