BPD captures kidnapping, sexual assault suspect

Dijon V. Cooper

Police say they’ve caught the suspect responsible for kidnapping a woman and her children before he sexually assaulted the mother of two.

According to a BPD press release, Dijon V. Cooper, 20, of Beaumont, was detained Friday, Sept. 20 for a Sept. 11 aggravated kidnapping that began at the Elmo Willard Library on East Lucas Drive in Beaumont. Police say that’s when Cooper abducted a 36-year-old female who was just leaving the library with her newborn and 1-year-old child.

According to the press release, as she approached her vehicle after exiting the library, Cooper confronted her and forced her and her children into the car and made the woman drive to the 700 block of East Lucas where he threatened her with a weapon while sexually assaulting her.

After the assault, the woman was able to flag down a road crew who scared the suspect away when the victim began screaming at them for help.

Later, police would rely on a confidential informant who led police to Cooper as the suspect in this case, and detectives were able to elicit statements from Cooper that implicated him in the kidnapping and sexual assault, according to BPD spokesman Rob Flores.

Police were sure to give credit to the confidential informant who tipped police off, what police described in their press release as a “good citizen” who was crucial in bringing Cooper to justice.

Cooper has been booked in the Jefferson County Jail where he awaits trial on four charges, each with a $100,000 bonds: one charge of aggravated sexual assault and three for aggravated kidnapping.