BPD warns citizens of LetGo thefts

BPD warns citizens of LetGo thefts

The Beaumont Police Department (BPD) has released a statement concerning a crime trend occurring within Beaumont.The crime trend consists of thieves targeting victims through the LetGo mobile app to steal items from sellers. 

BPD warned that “buyers” claim to be a Beaumont Police Officer to put potential victims at ease. They then have the seller go to a location (usually an apartment complex) to meet them. When they don’t show up, they usually call and say that they are stuck at work and ask for the seller to drop off the item (typically TVs, gaming consoles, cell phones, etc.) in a common area (such as the laundry room). They then tell the victim to meet them at the Beaumont Police Department to pick up the money. 

The victims are usually not from Beaumont, but from surrounding cities. BPD reminds citizens who are selling items on social media websites to use caution.Always meet in a public place, preferably somewhere with cameras. They even recommend meeting at the Beaumont Police Department and to bring a friend or two. They say to never give your item to someone without receiving payment and that some suspects use the "let me go plug it in and make sure it works" line and never return. Also, they remind sellers to watch out for counterfeit money. BPD continues to encourages citizens to always be aware of their surroundings and to take note of physical, clothing and vehicle descriptions. Be wary if the buyer or seller is not willing to meet in public or seems suspicious and if so don't move forward with the transaction. Finally, BPD reminds everyone to go with his or her gut — if you feel like something is wrong, you're probably right. 

These crimes can range from theft to aggravated robbery and are easily perpetrated by criminals due to the fact that they can mask their identities online. Many victims are unwilling to file charges and therefore the criminals continue victimizing others. 

If you have been a victim of a crime like this, BPD asks to please report it to the police department in the city where the crime took place. 

For more information or to see the original statement visit the Beaumont Police Department’s Facebook page at www.facebook.com/beaumontpolice