Bradley enters race for 172nd District Court Judge

Tina Bradley

Experience. Transparency. Accountability. Equality.

These are just a few of the key components of office Tina Bradley promises to bring to the bench if elected the next judge of Jefferson County’s 172nd District Court.

“I think everybody should be treated equally – no matter what,” Bradley said. “Anybody that comes in my courtroom will be treated with civility, respect, and fairness.”

Spending the last two decades standing up in court for working-class plaintiffs taking on large corporations in search of remedy and justice, Bradley has always been a people’s lawyer, she said. Even before she was lawyer, the judicial contender spent her formative teen years working toward a life of public service in the legal sector. Her first job as a teen in the ’80s, she recalls, was running legal documents for a local law firm.

After graduating Magna Cum Laude from McNeese State University in 1990, Bradley began making her way to Texas – where she set up her own roots close to the Louisiana line and her family. By 1993, the hard-working, fresh college graduate accepted a position as a paralegal at the Jefferson County-based Law Offices of Herschel L. Hobson, where she began her career fighting on behalf of victims of asbestos and benzene poisoning.

“There were a lot of long nights,” Bradley recalls of her introduction to the field. “We’d work on these cases until 2 or 3 in the morning – and it was a lot of work.”

But Bradley didn’t mind hard work. In fact, she seemed to thrive on it. Sensing she was ready for the next phase, her then-boss encouraged Bradley to get her law license. In 1998, after graduating the South Texas College of Law where she attended night classes while continuing to work for Hobson by day, Bradley was admitted to the Texas Bar. Ten years later, she became a partner in the Hobson & Bradley law firm and has been named a Super Lawyer annually since 2012. Over the course of her roughly 30 years in the legal field, Bradley has handled matters for clients in Alabama, California, Illinois, Iowa, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri and Oklahoma as well as her adopted home state of Texas. She has litigated in both state and federal courts, and says that her most memorable cases are the ones she performs pro bono through the local bar association. She has held membership in the American Bar Association, American Association of Justice, Jefferson County Bar Association, Port Arthur Bar Association, State Bar of Texas, and Texas Trial Lawyers Association. In addition, Bradley has been a member of the board of the local Jefferson County Bar Association since 2014, serving in roles as secretary, 2014-15; treasurer, 2015-16; vice president, 2016-17; and president elect, 2017-18.

While others say of Bradley that her honest, matter-of-fact sincerity and go-getting attitude are her best attributes, the long-time laborer’s laborer believes it is her willingness to do whatever needs to be done whenever it needs to be done that is her biggest contribution to any team.

“I’m always ready to do whatever is needed of me,” Bradley noted of her never-changing work ethic, yet another key component of any office Bradley maintains.

Now at the pinnacle of her career in private practice, Bradley thinks this is the perfect time to transition into the role of keeping the court docket moving along at a brisk tempo in the 172nd District Court – and she’s open to hearing criminal cases in the traditionally civil court room to ease the backlog on the criminal court judges. Up to now, the 172nd District Court has been moving at a steady pace with no backlog under the direction of retiring Judge Donald Floyd.

Bradley, already signed up to run on the Democratic ticket, is challenging former Beaumont ISD attorney Melody Chappell and attorney Kent Johns in the primary race, which will go to voters in March 2018. Already signed up on the Republican ticket for the same race is current Beaumont ISD state-appointed manager Mitch Templeton. Bradley will make an official announcement of her bid for Jefferson County 172nd District Court Judge on Monday, Dec. 11, at 1:30 p.m. on the courthouse steps.

Bradley is being supported by a host of colleagues as well as campaign treasurer Tom Hannah, husband Lance, and the couple’s two teenagers, Kendal and Kaden.