Devin McCraney's house

Shortly after 7:55AM FBI agents arrived at the BISD administration building, and chief financial officer Devin McCraney's residence.


Unmarked government agency vehicles are at the Beaumont Independent School District administration building and the home of the school district's finance director Devin McCraney. The BISD administration building has ejected visitors to the school district's main office, saying that administrators will not be taking meetings from the general public this morning.

BISD employees working in the administration building have been moved to the attached board room.


At 9 am, the FBI was still at the home of BISD finance director Devin McCraney. McCraney is on the phone, while investigators rummage through his Denali and his residence.


Video captured during the search of Devin McCraney's home and vehicle.

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Click here to view the second video

For a more comprehensive story on the day's events, including links to The Examiner's earlier coverage on McCraney, click here:




Beaumont I.S.D. needs a complete make over!! Dr. Thomas as a Beaumont native and B.IS.D. graduate I am embarrassed to have your name on anything associated with B.I.S.D. the only place your name should be engraved on is the TOILET!!! You sir are an embarrassment to educators every where and YOU ARE A THIEF AND A LIAR!!!!!!

Too Late!

Where were all the whistle blowers when they were spending all that damn money? It's too late now, the money is spent. Builings and stadiums, pools and whatnot. The people of Beaumont knew what was going on, especially certain board memebers and city councilpersons..including the Mayor, yet did NOTHING.
Beaumont is about the only city in a booming Texas that is wallowing in the backwash of this state. I moved out of Bmt because of this very type of turning a blind eye to corruption.
I am also sick of hearing people hide behind the children of the schools. As if ignoring these things are best for the students.
You have been in the middle of a scam Beaumont, and like most, don't know it until it's over and your taken.


The people of Beaumont have been trying a long time to get the district straightened out. But certain voting factions stick with the crooks. Thanks to some diligent people, we are finally getting someone to sit up and take notice. This has been a long time coming. I just hope it does not get swept under the rug to appease a group of people!

The citizens of Beaumont owe

The citizens of Beaumont owe a great deal to those diligent people, who first and foremost will impact the quality of education received by kids in the district and the cost of that education to taxpayers.

I find it quite...

I find it quite mind boggling to see that there is so much hate directed towards the administration in our district. I am an educator, citizen in Beaumont, and taxpayer. Everyday (Monday through Friday), I find myself on the front lines of the 21st century classroom with the duty of educating our youth... and believe me, teaching PERIOD is not easy. Now, don't get me wrong I am not saying justice should not be served and that anyone who knowingly engages in crooked practices in business should not be treated with due regard in accordance to our justice system. I believe in liberty and justice for all. But, what I am saying is that it makes it very hard for teachers to focus on what's precious (our children) with so much scrutiny and hatred broadcasted on the airways of our minds. I look forward to the day that BISD as a district and Beaumont as a community can come together on common ground (regardless of race and social class) and truly focus on educating today's youth. I sometimes wonder what picture we adults are painting in the minds of our children. I ponder... how are we teaching them to effectively deal with conflict and show respect and proper regard even when we feel like the other person does not deserve it. Believe it or not, our kids are watching... they are listening and they are reading... whether we realize it or not.

I just looking for a positive
- Beaumont ISD Educator, Citizen, and Taxpayer

Glad I went to All Saints :)

Glad I went to All Saints :)


I hope they uncover the corruption and I really hope it trickles down all over Carroll Thomas. This is his legacy.

bout time

Its about time these idiotic incompetent morons get raided. They all mooch the system. They need to investigate that crooked bigot carol thomas as well. Fire them all. Charge them all. Start over and actually TEACH our children instead of trying to run the ISD as a business.


Said the new home buyer to the realtor, "How are the schools in Beaumont?" Said the realtor to the new buyer, "We have great restaurants."

proof reading

nice spell check. "Unmarked gorvenment agency."


Thanks. And sorry about that.

I will cut them a break as

I will cut them a break as fast as this news is breaking. I would rather have the gist now, and the grammar and punctuation later.


How about we remove "BUTCH" from the view of I-10 as well. Such a black eye.

They'll skate

I agree about damn time...again. But, they have proven they are above the law for so long I am sure they will get a pass on whatever this is too. And I agree with the damn stadium. Putting that crooked, idiot, racist, a-holes name on the stadium it a slap in the face! In my mind there will be no moving forward until his name is off the building and his partner in crime, Brassard, has her name removed from that swimming pool. IT IS THE BEAUMONT TAXPAYER'S FACILITY!!!! IT SHOULD SAY BEAUMONT STADIUM OR JUST BISD STADIUM...PERIOD!!!

Oh Happy Day!!!!!

Oh Happy Day!!!!!


Good morning,
I'm a sociable reader of the Examiner, and just had an inquiry about a story you guys followed last year. Was wondering if we could get a little more info on these guys, their status, and possibly what ever became of them since their trial. The officers who were found not guilty in a civil lawsuit last year. Did they get their jobs back? Did the Sheriff reinstate these two officers? Also, did they compensate them, or give them a commendation for doing a good job? There's so many stories we hear daily about cops doing wrong, I thought this was a story that made me feel good and know that we do have officers who do their jobs. Please, if you could do a follow up story on these gentleman I'd be very interested. Thank you so much.



About time!! Happy Happy!

About time!! Happy Happy!


These two acronyms were made for each other. They fit like hand in glove.

So thankful that there is finally enough evidence coming forward to expose the depth of corruption.

Praying and urging those that have been hesitant to come forward to do so and tell what they know.

I am so excited, I can hardly breathe. Let this be another beginning of the end.

Hope McRaney spills.his.guts!!!!!



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