Breaking news: K-Bob's closes

Breaking news: K-Bob's closes

After two years in Beaumont, K-Bob’s American Kitchen at 6455 Phelan Blvd. has closed its doors. Co-owner Morgan Booth is saying goodbye to what he called “the toughest market” he’s ever seen and to online critics who he feels dealt a deathblow to the business.

Booth told The Examiner that he feels the single biggest factor in the restaurant’s closing was social media and critics’ disproportionate reactions to seemingly “small” issues. As those complaints piled up, business dwindled. Eventually, said Booth, it became clear they would have to close. They gave it a try, he said, but just couldn’t make it work in the end.

Booth was at the restaurant June 18 packing items into a U-Haul. He said he had given employees their paychecks earlier that morning, and they would receive any additional monies due the following week. The Beaumont location was the easternmost K-Bob’s restaurant in the United States. Booth suggested the restaurants perform better in markets farther west possibly due to brand or business model. He said the closure of the Beaumont location would not affect the company’s 10 other stores that remain open.

K-Bob’s served various kabob’s, steaks, burgers and featured a “made-from-scratch” salad bar. It officially opened in Beaumont in 2017 following the closure of the Black-Eyed Pea restaurant in September 2016, which stood at the Phelan Boulevard location many years prior.

The Black-Eyed Pea abruptly shuttered 12 of 13 of its Texas restaurants including the Beaumont location, reportedly following a bankruptcy case filed in 2015. The restaurant now has 10 stores, one in Arlington and nine in Colorado.