BREAKING NEWS: Verdict in for BISD retaliation claim

BREAKING NEWS: Verdict in for BISD retaliation claim
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Judge Tom Rugg ruled on Friday, July 11, that Beaumont Independent School District employee Ron Reynolds should be granted an injunction preventing the governing school board body from terminating the employee, who is now claiming retaliation.






Ron is just one of many in this school district who has been retaliated aganist.

Good for Ron Reynolds

I am so happy for Ron Reynolds at the verdict that Judge Tom Rugg has handed down today. It was obvious from the beginning that the BISD administration was retaliating against Mr. Reynolds when he was only doing that job that he was hired for.
I have spoken with Mr. Reynolds on Facebook, and he seems to be an upstanding and compassionate man. I also saw the story on Queen Latifah several years ago where he organized students at West Brook High School to donate money to victims of a hurricane on the East Coast.
I hope that Ron gets his job back, or that his is amply compensated.

Chris Jones

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